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The year’s Change Their Story campaign is focused on providing opportunities for the youth and families in Ogoloi, Bukedea and Ongongoja to move toward their end goal of being self-sufficient. The people in these communities are excited to work hard and are so thrilled with the progress they have made over the last few years and we want to empower them with even more opportunities to provide for themselves!

This year we are focused on the following initiatives that will empower and provide dignity to the families in our program:

small business start-up FUND

We’re excited to share that 69 children from all three CarePoints are graduating from our education program – a first for many of their families! Many will be starting small businesses and are in need of tools and supplies to start their new careers. The funds for this project will help our tailors, mechanics, hairdressers, welders, computer technicians and carpenters launch their businesses, live independently and provide for their families. 

Total Goal: $27,000


The Bukedea Farmer’s Project will help seven farmer groups produce more sellable produce and increase income levels. These funds will be used to provide maize seeds, tools and training in modern farming techniques to help the farmer groups produce more corn to sell outside the community. Group members will share their training with their households to create sustainable and ongoing change within their families. More than 140 guardians and 200 children will benefit from this project.

Total Goal: $3,000



Our goal is to raise $30,000 to fund these projects which will enhance sustainable economic practices and empower the children and their guardians to attain self-sufficiency.


Children’s HopeChest empowers orphaned and impoverished children and their communities through relationships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability. Their unique Community-to-Community model connects communities in the U.S. and Canada to communities overseas with a high population of orphaned and impoverished children.

Our Business Sponsors

Our goal is to provide dignity to every single family empowering them to provide for themselves. Our community of business sponsors allows us to invest in each community through different programs that help each CarePoint become self-sustainable.