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Bukedea was added to the Orphans of Teso family at the end of 2011. When we first visited Bukedea June of 2010 we fell in love with the children and community but their needs and the number of children needing a sponsor seemed beyond our capacity. After starting with Ogoloi mid-2011 and seeing our community’s desire to jump on board and help, we quickly added Bukedea and their 200+ Children before our first sponsor trip Dec 2011.

Tailoring Program

Students who have graduated have started businesses sewing and renting bridesmaids dresses and graduation gowns, selling protective masks, knitting sweaters, and sewing any other custom clothing ordered. 


Bukedea also has a bakery that bakes beautiful customs cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special events, as well as cookies, donuts and other goodies they sell at the local market.  They have a small workshop at the CarePoint where they make aluminum pans from scrap metal.  


Youth are trained to make liquid soap so they can sell it to local stores, businesses and other CarePoints. This has been an especially helpful project during the pandemic!

Why Bukedea?

Bukedea CarePoint is located just outside the town of Bukedea along the Bukedea/Mbale highway in Uganda. Before we partnered with them they had little to no access to clean water or nutritious food due to poverty, family breakdown, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The challenges community members faced dictated that the children survive by means of child labor, begging, and even sexual exploitation. Many children dropped out of school because of tuition prices, teenage pregnancies, and early marriages. This lack of education perpetuated the already dangerous cycle of poverty amongst the children in this community.






Empowering a child is one of the most personal ways that you can make an impact on global poverty. It is more than providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When you sponsor a child, you build a relationship that shows that child they are valuable, worth loving, and worth investing in.

Your sponsorship is the starting point of a journey that equips vulnerable children, their families, and their communities to create sustainable transformation. When you sponsor a child with HopeChest, you are not just supporting one child — you are helping transform entire communities.

Ongoing Learning & Education

As children at the CarePoint grow older, the cost of their education increases. Sponsorship funds alone are not able to cover 100% of the cost of school fees and materials/supplies. Education Funds supplement the cost of secondary and vocational education for older children at the CarePoint.

Get Involved

We believe in the idea of doing more for the people around us and that principle makes us who we are today. We believe in using our resources and abilities to impact and improve the lives of others, not just in our local communities but in the global community as well.