Orphans of Teso


We are part of an amazing partnership with the villages of Ogoloi, Bukedea and Ongongoja in Uganda. The aim is to empower and equip the orphans and their families of these communities as they touch our lives and forever change us in return.  Ultimately, we want to move communities from surviving to thriving and then succeeding.  There are a number of things that contribute to the success that the communities are having,… Read More

So the concept was hard for me to swallow at first, or maybe I had just never thought of it before.   Can helping hurt?  Or more specifically, can I make those who I am trying to help worse off?  The quick answer is yes.  Before clicking away from this nonsensical idea or dismissing the content because you may have already seen this before think through the following…. Over 1 trillion dollars have… Read More