Orphans of Teso


This was my second time to visit Uganda. The first trip I took was in July of 2014.  I started building relationships with these people, so I couldn’t wait to get back and see them again!  I was amazed at the general improvement of the children in Bukedea and Ogoloi. They were cleaner, had nicer clothes and their general condition seemed to be better.  This trip was less emotional than the first… Read More

It’s been about a month since I returned from 2 weeks in Uganda and I’m settling back into the familiarity of my everyday life.  This was my 3rd trip to the African continent (the first time with HopeChest) and there has always been some unsettlement as I have returned and tried to wrap my heart and mind around what I experienced yet continue to live my ridiculously blessed life. I thought I’d… Read More

Pit Stop: Soroti to Ongongoja Once we left Bukedea, we made an overnight pitstop in Soroti at the home of Elotu Joseph, the Director of HopeChest in Uganda.  Immaculate cooked for us, washed our clothes and we had some hints of ‘home’ surrounding us.  I loved the outdoor courtyard where the roosters and chickens roamed freely. It was the perfect spot for morning coffee, but more on that later. Our shared dorm… Read More

Jen asked me to share my personal blog posts and trip stories from my trip to Uganda in August. I posted them below and here is the link to the posts on my blog Bukedea Posts ~Lori Somers Bukedea Sponsorship It all started in December 2011, when I chose a little boy to sponsor in Uganda through Children’s HopeChest.  I knew nothing about this program or organization. But friends of my daughter were beginning to do… Read More

This trip to Uganda was a different kind of experience for me than any of the trips I have taken before. It was in the midst of a very busy and dynamic summer. I’d experienced a good amount of change in life and had been constantly moving from thing to thing and then got on a plane to Uganda, a place close to my heart and a place I had spent 3… Read More

I wrote on the bus as we drove miles away from where we left our hearts.  What just happened to our large team?  We physically wept and bawled like babies as we hugged total strangers. Ah, but after living in their village and stepping foot in their huts, they are no longer strangers, but friends.   God gave me very different eyes for this trip. My sad, judgmental eyes were replaced with… Read More

We are heading back to Uganda again in just a few days and we are excited about the team of people God has brought together to be His hands and feet!  This is the largest team we’ve ever taken and it will be so nice for each child to have a little bit more personal attention!  We can’t wait to see everyone use their gifts and love these kids all in their own… Read More

I know you are all waiting to hear an update from the team who spent the day today in Ongongoja and…….. so am I!!  Unfortunately Ongongoja is pretty remote and they have no internet access so we haven’t been able to get any pictures or any updates yet but I thought I’d fill you in on what I DO know about the new CarePoint. First of all here, is a blog with the… Read More

Since we added the third CarePoint to the Orphans of Teso family the stop at each CarePoint will have to be a little shorter each time.  Our amazing team of 8 just finished up their 2 1/2 days in Bukedea and are now off to meet the new kids in Ongongoja. From what I heard they had a great couple days in Bukedea meeting the kids, singing, dancing, flying the drone, taking videos,… Read More

Another group from Orphans of Teso is on the ground in Uganda ready to love the kiddos, build relationships, play soccer, sing, dance, play, dance, paint nails and did I say dance?  We also have a videography team along this time to bring us back some amazing footage of the kiddos, the CarePoints and their homes.  We can’t wait to post videos and share their lives with you!  We would love to introduce… Read More