Orphans of Teso


I miss them a lot. I’ve gone through the pictures numerous times. Watched the videos over and over. And really, I’ve got those kids on the backgrounds of my phone, in my profile picture and just about everywhere else. Not only do I intentionally want to keep them near the front of my mind, but I really don’t want to forget these kids.  I don’t want to forget all of those faces… Read More

And then there were three: Ogoloi Friday, August 21, 2015 I was up early with the roosters, grabbed my coffee and headed outside to my favorite perch in the courtyard.  I’ve been missing several sunrises.  We are headed to Ogoloi today, our third CarePoint that is just down the road from Soroti. The word “expectations” is ringing loud in my ears this morning. As I sat on the stoop sipping coffee, God… Read More

Pit Stop: Soroti to Ongongoja Once we left Bukedea, we made an overnight pitstop in Soroti at the home of Elotu Joseph, the Director of HopeChest in Uganda.  Immaculate cooked for us, washed our clothes and we had some hints of ‘home’ surrounding us.  I loved the outdoor courtyard where the roosters and chickens roamed freely. It was the perfect spot for morning coffee, but more on that later. Our shared dorm… Read More

There are moments in life when you look back and you know that they were defining, that they changed you, and that even if you tried, you couldn’t forget.  For me one of those moments was my trip to Uganda a few years ago.  I remember getting out of the van and being greeted by a sea of smiling faces and dancing feet all so excited to see me, even though we… Read More

We are heading back to Uganda again in just a few days and we are excited about the team of people God has brought together to be His hands and feet!  This is the largest team we’ve ever taken and it will be so nice for each child to have a little bit more personal attention!  We can’t wait to see everyone use their gifts and love these kids all in their own… Read More

Since we added the third CarePoint to the Orphans of Teso family the stop at each CarePoint will have to be a little shorter each time.  Our amazing team of 8 just finished up their 2 1/2 days in Bukedea and are now off to meet the new kids in Ongongoja. From what I heard they had a great couple days in Bukedea meeting the kids, singing, dancing, flying the drone, taking videos,… Read More

It’s quiet and I close my eyes. I see Him, I hear Him. And I listen. Jesus takes my hand and we walk along the beach next to the water’s edge. I tell Him of my fears, my hopes, desires and prayers deep within my heart. We look out into the water and I get glimpses of where my life is leading me. He’s been preparing me for a trip to Africa… Read More

Is the Cost of Traveling Worth the Money? When weighing the costs between sending people or simply sending money, I have but one word – relationships. No matter how many times you look at a picture, look at a penciled drawing, or have money automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you can never really know what your monthly gift means until you are dancing face-to-face with the people it impacts. The reality… Read More

Our morning started with our team leading the morning worship singing with the kids. Our songs are notably less upbeat than theirs, but the kids always enjoy learning mzungo (white man) songs. Afterwards we split the kids up into boys and girls and went and sat under the mango trees with the kids to have a discussion – boys with the boys, girls with the girls. These are always fun. The kids… Read More