Orphans of Teso


The mission of Children’s HopeChest is to help the children and communities we work in Survive, Thrive and Succeed within their own communities!  In order for this to happen, is very important to have Ugandan Staff we trust.  All work done at our CarePoints whether it is cooking, discipling, accounting, business training, grief counseling, building, painting etc is all done by local Ugandans!  At all three CarePoint we are blessed to have… Read More

I can’t believe the 2015 Change Their Story Campaign is in full swing. It seems like just a month ago that I first got a package in the mail from Children’s HopeChest containing 50 profile cards—50 pictures, 50 names, 50 children I was tasked with finding a sponsor for. But it hasn’t been a month; instead, it’s been over a year since I first saw those precious faces. It’s been a huge… Read More

(This is a guest post by one of our amazing sponsors named Whitney who is 11 years old! Read her story and be inspired!!) Obeying God’s Calling I decided I wanted to sponsor a child the day after Christmas.  I remember seeing all of the gifts I had gotten and thinking, “that’s not fair.”  Not because I didn’t get my favorite toy, or because I didn’t get as much as my siblings…. Read More

Pit Stop: Soroti to Ongongoja Once we left Bukedea, we made an overnight pitstop in Soroti at the home of Elotu Joseph, the Director of HopeChest in Uganda.  Immaculate cooked for us, washed our clothes and we had some hints of ‘home’ surrounding us.  I loved the outdoor courtyard where the roosters and chickens roamed freely. It was the perfect spot for morning coffee, but more on that later. Our shared dorm… Read More

I wrote on the bus as we drove miles away from where we left our hearts.  What just happened to our large team?  We physically wept and bawled like babies as we hugged total strangers. Ah, but after living in their village and stepping foot in their huts, they are no longer strangers, but friends.   God gave me very different eyes for this trip. My sad, judgmental eyes were replaced with… Read More

It is with a great deal of excitement and anticipation, but also with a healthy dose of nerves, that we announce the addition of a third CarePoint to the growing Orphans of Teso family. Ongongoja Referred to by the locals as “The End of the Earth”, the extremely remote village known as Ongongoja is as obscure and “off the map” location as there is on earth today. Literally…it doesn’t show up on the… Read More

I know you are all waiting to hear an update from the team who spent the day today in Ongongoja and…….. so am I!!  Unfortunately Ongongoja is pretty remote and they have no internet access so we haven’t been able to get any pictures or any updates yet but I thought I’d fill you in on what I DO know about the new CarePoint. First of all here, is a blog with the… Read More

Change in the world starts with you! No great feat in the history of humankind has been accomplished by anyone other than regular people (like you and I) who took hold of the singularly important realization that change starts with me. These regular people took the initiative to be the change that they wished to see in the world. Movements, fashions, revolutions, innovations, inventions, uprisings, overthrows, creations, wars and treaties…have all been the result of the… Read More

As a financially struggling divorced woman in her mid forties, God blessed me with vision and energy in raising my two adolescent children.  Sometimes in my exhaustion and indiscretion I would let thoughts slip out aloud, and they came back to haunt me. “Mama, are you really going to leave us and go to Africa where the children dance and sing all day?” I turned around to see the pained face of… Read More