Orphans of Teso


And then there were three: Ogoloi Friday, August 21, 2015 I was up early with the roosters, grabbed my coffee and headed outside to my favorite perch in the courtyard.  I’ve been missing several sunrises.  We are headed to Ogoloi today, our third CarePoint that is just down the road from Soroti. The word “expectations” is ringing loud in my ears this morning. As I sat on the stoop sipping coffee, God… Read More

I wrote on the bus as we drove miles away from where we left our hearts.  What just happened to our large team?  We physically wept and bawled like babies as we hugged total strangers. Ah, but after living in their village and stepping foot in their huts, they are no longer strangers, but friends.   God gave me very different eyes for this trip. My sad, judgmental eyes were replaced with… Read More

There are moments in life when you look back and you know that they were defining, that they changed you, and that even if you tried, you couldn’t forget.  For me one of those moments was my trip to Uganda a few years ago.  I remember getting out of the van and being greeted by a sea of smiling faces and dancing feet all so excited to see me, even though we… Read More

I am inspired and cut to the heart by Isaiah 58—every time I read it, inspired and cut to the heart.  This chapter specifically speaks to people who are seeking God and seeking God through fasting.  There are three main points to this chapter.  It tells us to: 1) stop mistreating and taking advantage of people, 2) start caring for others and standing up for what is right, 3) look for the… Read More

As a financially struggling divorced woman in her mid forties, God blessed me with vision and energy in raising my two adolescent children.  Sometimes in my exhaustion and indiscretion I would let thoughts slip out aloud, and they came back to haunt me. “Mama, are you really going to leave us and go to Africa where the children dance and sing all day?” I turned around to see the pained face of… Read More

Since returning from my first trip to Uganda, my perspective has changed from being slightly satisfied with life, to feeling a desperation that Christ’s Kingdom comes to earth quickly.  The people I met in Uganda now feel like family and that makes their happiness my joy and their suffering my pain. When I think about them my heart beats harder, I get a little teary eyed, and most of all, I want to… Read More

It was June of 2011 when we first drove into the small village of Ogoloi. The long, bumpy, and treacherous journey there was only the final leg of a much longer journey that started years before when our hearts first began to sense the conviction that there was more to be done about the reality of more than a billion people around the world living on less than a dollar a day…. Read More

Well, another trip to Bukedea and Ogoloi has come and gone. Back to Work. Life. Bills. School. Soccer practice. Hiring. Firing. Exercise. Etc.  And as the “real world” slowly filters back in, and the CNN headlines, and latest political discussions, and 1st world problems, and local gossip begins to surround and engulf me, I feel the now familiar internal numbness that accompanies re-entry into my American life. I’m glad to be home,… Read More

Ogoloi Day 3 Our third day in Ogoloi started off slowly. It’s always fun to arrive a little earlier in the morning before all the kids arrive. Things are a little more peaceful. You can get more one on one time with the kids, and you get a feeling for the village on a normal day.I often think about how fun it would be for me to bring just my family for… Read More

Produce, Poultry, and Appreciation Guest post 4: By Jessica Duran We were warned about this. Dylan said it would be hard. I couldn’t have imaged just how hard, though, until I was there, sitting on a plastic chair lined up against the concrete wall of the Carepoint with my team members. A nervous feeling came over me as we waited to see what all the fuss was about. Butterflies don’t even begin… Read More