Orphans of Teso


THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS $38 is the cost to sponsor one child.  How does $38 come to change someone’s life?  In fact, not just one person’s life, but help change a whole community?  Okay, the truth is that the money does not make those changes (but it is necessary!) and I still don’t fully grasp the process of moving whole communities from surviving to succeeding. However, I do know that it takes an incredible… Read More

I know you are all waiting to hear an update from the team who spent the day today in Ongongoja and…….. so am I!!  Unfortunately Ongongoja is pretty remote and they have no internet access so we haven’t been able to get any pictures or any updates yet but I thought I’d fill you in on what I DO know about the new CarePoint. First of all here, is a blog with the… Read More