Orphans of Teso


Lets talk money…Did you know that the American Church and para-church organizations take in about 300 Billion dollars in revenue each year in the form of tithes and giving? It sounds like a big number, but the reality is that the average evangelical Christian gives around 3% (on average) of their income to the church. Also interesting to note is that this is approximately the equivalent percentage given by atheists and non Christians in the US each year… Read More

I read an article recently about a mother who intentionally drove her minivan off a bridge and into a river with her 4 children in the vehicle. Perhaps you read it? Her 10 year old child was able to escape by opening a power window and swimming to shore. Her other 3 kids were less fortunate. The police later recovered the bodies of her 11 month old daughter, her 2 year old… Read More

For anyone who has been following some/any of the discussion that occurred a couple of weeks ago regarding “that missional guy” you might know who is out there… following Jesus radically… but not involved in the local church…. I want to set the record straight regarding my perspectives on this issue. Over the last year I have expressed several concerns that I have with the state of the local Evangelical church in America, and it… Read More