Orphans of Teso


Part 2 of guest post by Jessica Duran Tiny huts appeared in the landscape amid the weeds and farmland as we drove down a red dirt path. Women and children were seen out in the fields and would wave as the van full of Mozungus (white people) passed by. As we neared the Carepoint, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The excitement I had lost the night before was back. An orange… Read More

Our morning started with our team leading the morning worship singing with the kids. Our songs are notably less upbeat than theirs, but the kids always enjoy learning mzungo (white man) songs. Afterwards we split the kids up into boys and girls and went and sat under the mango trees with the kids to have a discussion – boys with the boys, girls with the girls. These are always fun. The kids… Read More

Bukedea CarePoint Our arrival in Bukedea was met with an exceptionally warm and celebratory welcome – even for Uganda. By the time I got my camera turned off and in my pocket Jess was crowd surfing on top of the kids and the rest of us were mobbed with hugs and hand shakes and joyous Ugandan smiles From the outset we knew that out time and purpose in the Bukedea CarePoint visit… Read More

When we traveled to Uganda for the second time in June this year, we had a pretty specific picture in our minds of what we were looking for. We had imagined finding a small village or Care Point (small enough for us to be able to handle finding sponsorships for within our circle of friends and colleagues)…and something rural and entirely undeveloped (so that we could be a part of the development… Read More