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Orphans of Teso is excited to announce the 2020 Change Their Story campaign was a huge success! In total, we raised $44,500 to fund new projects at our CarePoints in Uganda, surpassing our original $30,000 goal. 

Our annual Change Their Story campaign is focused on empowerment and increasing the income levels of the families in our program at a household level. Uganda has an agriculture-based economy and we’ve learned that the best way to make an impact is by providing them with livestock. 

The original $30,000 raised will fund the following initiatives that will empower and provide dignity to the families in our program:

  • Provide female pigs to 330 families so they can create an income for themselves and start providing for their own families.
  • Provide sheep to 160 students to raise and sell.
  • Start a Village Savings and Loan program (VSLA) so families can start businesses and generate income.

The additional $14,500 will be used to cover university and secondary school tuition for the older children in our program. 
We can’t thank our community of donors and local business sponsors enough! Thank you to everyone who donated and shared information about the 2020 Change Their Story campaign and our work in Uganda.

change their story

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For the past 10 years, Orphans of Teso has partnered with Children’s HopeChest to provide care and support to more than 650 orphaned and vulnerable children in the Teso region of Uganda through a program of local community empowerment and long-term sustainable development. Our goal is to help these communities care for these children and pull them out of the cycle of poverty. For more information, go to