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Your Monthly Sponsorship of just $45 provides your child:

A nutritious meal every day at the CarePoint

Our CarePoint staff prepares a meal every day at the CarePoint sites for the children who walk from school each day to visit the CarePoint. For many of the kids this is the only real meal they will eat each day. The food is prepared by our cooks (most of whom are widows from the community) and consists of a ground maize based porriage called posha, beans, and occasionally some meat for protein.

Clean drinking water at the CarePoint well

Lack of access to clean drinking water is one of the biggest killers on the African continent. Both Bukedea and Ogoloi CarePoints provide clean drinking water to the kids who attend as well as to the surrounding community. We were thrilled to be able to raise funds last year to dig a new borehole (well) for Bukedea and Ogoloi.

School fees, uniforms and supplies

Only half of all Ugandan children complete primary school and less than 25% are able to attend secondary school (middle and high school). As an orphaned child in Ogoloi or Bukedea, there is simply no way to afford schooling, school supplies, or the test fees that the state charges. As a sponsored child at the CarePoint, we ensure that these children are provided the hope of a future by providing them all that they need to attend school, including schools fees, testing fees, uniforms and school supplies.

Basic medical care and support

A small portion of your monthly sponsorship is appropriated towards a medical fund that helps provide for medical needs for the kids as they arise. The children are able to receive basic medical care like de-worming, malaria medicine, and access to medical care when needed.

The Love and support of the CarePoint staff

Each CarePoint has a terrific support team. Cooks prepare the daily meals and are usually widows from the community. Caretakers are on site to oversee the daily programs and CarePoint site. Each CarePoint also has two to three disciplers who spend time with the kids and work to provide guidance and care to their physical and spiritual needs with bible lessons and weekly discipleship classes. And we recently were able to add social workers who visit the sites each week and work with the community to ensure that the kids are being properly cared for.

A Christmas & Birthday gift from you

Your sponsorship also includes a small birthday and Christmas gift from you to your child. The kids at the CarePoints truly care for and pray daily for their sponsors. They love receiving anything from you, and we work to make sure that all the kids receive at least two of these small gifts a year. You are also able to correspond with your child through the community page where your letters are printed and sent to the kids.

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