THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS $38 is the cost to sponsor one child.  How does $38 come to change someone’s life?  In fact, not just one person’s life, but help change a whole community?  Okay, the truth is that the money does not make those changes (but it is necessary!) and I still don’t fully grasp the process of moving whole communities from surviving to succeeding. However, I do know that it takes an incredible… Read More

There are moments in life when you look back and you know that they were defining, that they changed you, and that even if you tried, you couldn’t forget.  For me one of those moments was my trip to Uganda a few years ago.  I remember getting out of the van and being greeted by a sea of smiling faces and dancing feet all so excited to see me, even though we… Read More

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of traveling with my co-worker Rachel Andrews (HopeChest’s Program Manager) to Ethiopia and Uganda to collect stories for our sponsors and donors. I had been to Africa many times, but this was my first time visiting Ethiopia and Uganda. I was so excited to get a better idea of what our programs and projects look like, and to be back in the country that… Read More

(Sponsoring Smiles – Part II)  (Part I) Welcome back to Sponsoring Smiles where we’re looking at each piece of the sponsorship puzzle. Earlier this week, we talked about one of the most basic components of what Children’s HopeChest does: food. Today I’d like to focus on what might be THE most basic necessity of life: water. Water makes up about 70% of the Earth and 55-60% of our bodies. We can go about… Read More

I am inspired and cut to the heart by Isaiah 58—every time I read it, inspired and cut to the heart.  This chapter specifically speaks to people who are seeking God and seeking God through fasting.  There are three main points to this chapter.  It tells us to: 1) stop mistreating and taking advantage of people, 2) start caring for others and standing up for what is right, 3) look for the… Read More

Welcome to a series here at Orphans of Teso called Sponsoring Smiles, where we’ll talk about each aspect of child sponsorship, going in depth with each one. Our goal is to give sponsors a deeper understanding of what sponsorship does in the lives of the children and in the community.   We’ll be talking about clean water, health care, discipleship, education, and to start off, we’ll look at food and nutrition. These posts will focus… Read More

There are 152 children currently being cared for at the Ongongoja CarePoint in Uganda. As of today 76 of them are currently unsponsored. And, there are more than 750 additional documented orphans in the immediate surrounding area… So, this summer, we are putting all of our effort into making 100% sure that 100% of these kids have a sponsor before we hit the ground in August to visit the 3 CarePoints again with… Read More

In Uganda, less than 25% of children are able to progress in their schooling to secondary school. That means that more than 75% of Ugandan children never make it beyond a 6th grade education. For an orphaned child in a remote or extremely impoverished region like Ogoloi, Bukedea, and Ongongoja, the stats are significantly worse. No matter how hard a child is this situation tries, the hope of a future through education… Read More

We are heading back to Uganda again in just a few days and we are excited about the team of people God has brought together to be His hands and feet!  This is the largest team we’ve ever taken and it will be so nice for each child to have a little bit more personal attention!  We can’t wait to see everyone use their gifts and love these kids all in their own… Read More

It is with a great deal of excitement and anticipation, but also with a healthy dose of nerves, that we announce the addition of a third CarePoint to the growing Orphans of Teso family. Ongongoja Referred to by the locals as “The End of the Earth”, the extremely remote village known as Ongongoja is as obscure and “off the map” location as there is on earth today. Literally…it doesn’t show up on the… Read More