So, this week we finally completed the process of documenting the kids in Ogoloi. We want to give a huge shout out to the team at Children’s Hope Chest for working to get this done. This is a lengthy process, and necessarily so. When a village like Ogoloi learns that westerners are planning to provide support for orphans in the area, a lot of people might be tempted to send their kids to receive support who… Read More

Its an interesting thing when you engage people who have much…                                     …in discussions about people who have nothing. There is a wide range of responses: Some people are drawn to tears when you tell the stories of the people you have met and the circumstances they are living in. Others ask how they can help…. Read More

So I am a proud dad…. Over the years our family has had the opportunity to support various children around the world through organizations like Compassion International, World Vision and Children’s Hunger Fund. More recently our family has partnered with Gospel Link to sponsor a few pastors in Southern Africa to support their ministries and allowing them the funds needed to house orphans in their homes. We have always worked to have our kids… Read More

So after what seems like an eternity of discussions, planning, praying, documenting children, and just plain waiting, we are finally at a point where we are able to begin the process of finding sponsors for the kids in Ogoloi. What we are up to:I thought it would be good to share a bit about what we are doing through Childrens Hope Chest in Ogoloi, for a couple of reasons: That our friends and… Read More

“Whenever a major jetliner crashes anywhere in the world, it inevitably sets off a worldwide media frenzy covering every aspect of the tragedy.  I want you to imagine for a moment that you woke up this morning to the following headline: “One Hundred Jetliners Crash, Killing 26,500.”  Think of the pandemonium this would create across the world as heads of state, parliaments, and congresses convened to grapple with the nature and causes… Read More

THE STORY OF HOW WE CAME TO ADOPT 120 ORPHANS  Well no, we didn’t really adopt 120 orphans, but it works well as a page turner…What we are really doing, is quite unremarkable and certainly more manageable. I’ll fill you in later…. Child Soldiers and Cannibalism The tiny rural village of Ogoloi would be easy to miss if you were driving too fast down the gravel roads of Soroti in the Teso region of central… Read More

About 3 years ago, for no apparent reason, Jen and I (Dylan) started to become acutely aware of the fact that about 30,000 children we dying on a daily basis around the world from hunger or preventable disease (easily curable ones, you know, like malaria).   I can point to no one day, book, or event that lead to this awakening, but in hindsight I can obviously contest that the God who… Read More