Uganda-25Ogoloi CarePoint in the Soroti district is one of the most vulnerable communities in Uganda. It has suffered from tribal insurgencies in the 1980’s and more recently in 2003 from the incursion of the militant group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

The area suffers from a large number of child headed households, lack of education, domestic violence and alcohol abuse. The majority of orphans are as a result of the LRA attacks and HIV/AIDS. They have little to no access to clean water and nutritious food due to poverty, family breakdown, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Their life situation dictates that the children survive by means of child labor, begging and even sexual exploitation. Education beyond the early primary school years is virtually out of reach for the children of Ogoloi due to expense and distance. Many children have dropped out of school because of tuition prices, teenage pregnancy, and early marriages. This lack of education perpetuates the already dangerous cycle of poverty amongst these most vulnerable children. There are currently more than 190 children being cared for at the Ogoloi CarePoint.

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