Change Their Story

Ignite Hope For Vulnerable Children and Their Communities through Education and Jobs.

The Orphans of Teso community has been providing care and support to more than 650 orphaned children living in extreme poverty in the Teso region of Uganda through a program of local community empowerment and long-term sustainable development since 2011.  Our goal is to help these vulnerable children and their communities survive, thrive and SUCCEED!  We have seen huge strides towards success each year and we look forward to another year of progress with your help!






Thank you to our Iowa Business Community partners

Change Their Story Initiatives:

University Tuition
GOAL: $6,000
These students are the first in their family to finish secondary school and now they desire to go to University! (Only 2% of orphans in the Teso region of Uganda finish secondary school!!)   It costs around $1000 per year for a student in Uganda to attend University.  Your donation will make this dream come true!

 Funding to Send Students to Secondary School
GOAL: $9,000
To set our students up for success it is best for them to attend secondary boarding school!  These donations will help cover room and board, tuition, uniforms, test fees, text books, etc.  

Business Start-Up Materials & Tools
GOAL: $20,000
Many of our students, due to tough living situations, get too old to finish secondary school and instead they attend technical schools such as tailoring, carpentry, catering, mechanics and hair dressing.  Once they graduate we like to provide them with all of the tools and supplies they need to start their business and run them for 3 months allowing them to provide for themselves and their families.

Extension of Existing Skills & Development Training
GOAL: $5,000
Our CarePoints have many project that are providing income and skills training for the kids in our program and the communities members.  They have liquid soap making initiatives, aluminum pot business, bakery/catering business, sweater making business and more.





Want to help?
Support us by making a tax-deductible donation to help provide a bright future for these children and their communities. The process is fast, easy, and secure… and you can be sure that it will benefit a great cause! Or start your own fundraising page and join our effort by clicking the “Join Team” button!

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