100-Percent-Smiles-Logo-400wWe are aiming for 100% Smiles…

For the kids at the Ogoloi, Bukedea, and Ongongoja CarePoint in Uganda, being Sponsored by someone like you for just $38 a month means the difference between destitution, and the hope of a better future. Your sponsorship of these kids truly changes their lives, and we are asking people just like you around the world to help us provide these children a chance at life.

In August, our latest team of sponsors went to Uganda to visit our kids at the Bukedea, Ogoloi, and Ongongoja CarePoints. When we arrived, we discovered more orphaned children who are without sponsors. Since 2011, our goal has always been to find sponsors for every single orphaned child… because 100% sponsorship, means 100% smiles! 

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of these beautiful children through the gift of child sponsorship.


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Why is 100% Sponsorship Important?

Every child 557403_10151220537087664_403738256_nwants to know that they are cared for, prayed for, and have a special friend. The aTeso word for sponsor translates directly as “friend”. We want every one of the kids at the CarePoints to know that they are important in God’s eyes, and that someone cares for them.

Unsponsored kids are still cared for at the CarePoints, but the children who are sponsored correspond frequently with their sponsors, and the children who have yet to be sponsored long for an opportunity to write to their special friend. On every trip, every kids asks if we know or have heard from their sponsor.


Funding for the CarePoint goes directly towards the programs associated with the specific site for the kids at each CarePoint. As we approach 100% sponsorship levels, funds for the CarePoint allow us to shift resources from “SURVIVE” phase initiatives (such as food, clothing, and medical care) to “THRIVE” phase programs to help children progress in schooling, trade skills, and sustainable projects for the CarePoints. The higher the sponsorship levels, the sooner our Carepoints can begin to develop long term sustainability  through these initiatives. We call this the “SUCCEED” phase, where our kids are able to progress on to a healthy life where they too can give back to those in need and use their skills and talents to contribute to the lives of those in need.

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