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407431_10151411598597664_791125760_nSPONSOR A CHILD

Your monthly sponsorship of just $45 means that your child can enjoy a daily nutritious meal, attend school, receive guidance and discipleship from our local leaders, and benefit from the care and support that the CarePoint provides. The impact that your monthly commitment can make to the hope and future of these children is immense.

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Sponsors: Please take the time to write your sponsored kids whenever possible. It means the world to them to hear from their special friends and for many of them you represent one of very few people in the world that have ever cared for them. You can write your child from the Bukedea and Ogoloi community pages.

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We travel to Uganda at least twice a year to visit our CarePoints and spend time with our kids. Want to join us? The trips are usually around 10-14 days long in groups of 6-14, and cost from $2,500 to $3,000. We spend 2-4 days at each CarePoint and interact with the kids, the local community, and visit the homes of the children whose sponsors have joined us.

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As we continue to grow the CarePoints and partner with the local community in long term sustainable solutions to love and care for the orphaned kids in the region, we are continually launching new projects and initiatives that you can help support. We currently have VSLA savings groups at all 3 locations, skills training schools including tailoring, carpentry, construction and catering, liquid soap making businesses, a piggery and farming programs. You can learn more about contributing to these ongoing sustainable development projects at the each CarePoints respective community pages.


We are always grateful for opportunities to spread the word about our three CarePoints, but also to connect others who care to make a difference to great organizations that can help make change happen. Perhaps your local church or organization would consider sponsoring a CarePoint? Let us know if we can help you think through this as an option. There are numerous other sites available in several countries, and we are are more than happy to fill you in on what launching your own CarePoint with Children’s HopeChest would entail.