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Orphans of Teso has officially launched the 2021 Change Their Story campaign to raise money for new projects at our CarePoints in Uganda. 

The Change Their Story campaign is focused on empowerment and increasing the income levels of the families in our program at a household level. Uganda has an agriculture-based economy and we’ve learned that the best way to make an impact is by providing them with crop supplies and livestock. 

This year we are focused on the following initiatives that will empower and provide dignity to the families in our program:

  • Provide crop supplies, pesticides and tools to 270 families in Ongongojoa and Bukedea to boost food security and household income.
  • Help two groups in Ongongojoa start apiary business enterprises by purchasing beehvies, tools, training and marketing help to sell honey and other products.
  • Supply 44 goats to families in Ongongojoa for rearing and selling.
  • Help 15 groups in Ogoloi start small business by helping them create business and marketing plans and supply start-up funds.

What is our goal?

2021 change their story

The goal of this campaign is to increase household incomes and asset bases. The majority of the families in the district earn a livelihood from either growing crops or raising livestock. Most household heads spend their time and energy finding food for their families and not as much as time on other needs, such as education, health and clothing. The 2021 Change Their Story campaign initiatives are designed to help with both raising household incomes and helping families meet basic needs.

Crop Farming

Each group will choose their own crop and will be provided with seeds, pesticides, harvesting and storage supplies. They will receive training to enhance crop yields and will grow crops that are more resistant to the current climate challenges in the community. This project’s goal is to boost household food security in the entire community as well as generate income for those participating.

Goat Project

Two groups of 30 families will be provided with a total of 44 goats at the Ongongoja CarePoint. Each member will commit to donating the first three goats to another family so this project will have a lasting impact. These funds will be used to purchase, transport, and vaccinate goats and train members on goat rearing.


Two groups will be supported in apiary enterprise development in Ongongoja. Honey and other bee products are in high demand in Ongonogja and the surrounding communities. This project will include training of group members on modern apiary and business skills and purchasing and distributing of beehives and beekeeping gear. They will also purchase and establish a demonstration site to be used for training. They will also receive help marketing and selling honey and other products.

Small Businesses

The community surrounding the Ogoloi CarePoint will split into 15 groups of 20 families to create small businesses together.  Each group will choose what business will fit their needs/skills.  HopeChest leadership will help them create business plans and train them in business and marketing.  We will then provide them with start-up funds to start their businesses.

How to Get Involved in the 2021 ‘Change Their Story’ Campaign

2021 change their story

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 to fund the crop farming, goat, beekeeping and small business projects. If you are able to and want to help us reach our goal, we would appreciate your donations and help to spread the word. 


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us reach our goal. Donations can be made at

Share on Social Media

Consider sharing our campaign on social media with your friends and family. You can follow Orphans of Teso on Facebook and share updates directly from our page. We appreciate the help spread awareness of our campaign! 

Special thanks to our community of local sponsors who are making it possible to provide crops, goats, bees and business help to the families in our program. 

Looking for more information about Orphans of Teso and the annual Change Their Story campaign? Go to to learn more! 

For the past 10 years, Orphans of Teso has partnered with Children’s HopeChest to provide care and support to more than 650 orphaned and vulnerable children in the Teso region of Uganda through a program of local community empowerment and long-term sustainable development. Our goal is to help these communities care for these children and pull them out of the cycle of poverty. For more information, go to