Uganda-276Ongogoja is the most recent addition to the Orphans of Teso family of CarePoints.

The site is located on the border of the Teso and Karamajo regions, which makes this one of the most remote and severely desperate situations in Uganda. The region has been plagued for decades by raids from the Karamojong tribe which resulted in the mass exodus of people from the region to avoid being killed during raids on villages for cattle. In recent years the locals have begun to reinhabit their home land and find themselves in a seemingly hopeless battle to survive.

The region is extremely remote, far from any easily accessible roads, and there are no hospitals anywhere in the region. Many people die along the roadsides trying to reach local clinics for medical care or to give birth. Malnutrition is rampant and the situation seems very hopeless to the people. In the local dialect they say that they are “at the end of the world, and nobody knows they are there”.

The sheer scope of the poverty in this regions means that the long term plans of HopeChest will likely call for about 3 CarePoints in this immediate vicinity to accommodate the needs of more than 900 orphaned kids documented in the area. Our CarePoint will be the first to launch and hopefully set the stage for even broader and impactful changes in this area.

The Ongongoja CarePoint officially launched in January of 2015, and we are currently serving more than 150 kids in the region.

Ongongoja Community Page

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Ongongoja Trip – August 2015