Our CarePoints

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What is a CarePoint?

Our CarePoints are strategically located project sites that serve as places for the most vulnerable children in the surrounding communities to come and receive holistic care and hope for a good future. This takes the form of a daily meal (during school terms the kids walk to the sites from school for lunch before returning), health care, support for schooling such as fees, supplies and exam fees, and ongoing care and support from the staff.

What Happens at the CarePoints?

Our kids visit the CarePoints daily for a nutritious meal prepared by our hard-working cooks. On Saturdays the kids arrive early and spend all day on site for games and discipleship classes from the local staff. During the school holidays the kids are on site most of the time. The kids are also taught trade skills such as sustainable farming practices, sewing, building, and other project oriented training such as raising chicks using local methods and practices.

Is this an orphanage?

A CarePoint is not an orphanage.  Only a very small portion of kids in the Teso region are ever “homeless.”  They are usually taken in by extended family or grandparents. We believe that it is good for kids to remain within their families and cultures.  Although there are many orphanages in the region, it is the philosophy of Orphans of Teso and Children’s HopeChest to work to support the local community in caring for their own orphans and vulnerable children in the area rather than pulling them out of their cultural setting. The CarePoint serves to make provision for kids who have lost their parents and are being cared for by caretakers who cannot afford to provide them a chance at life.

How are the CarePoints Run?

The CarePoints are overseen by local Ugandan staff working in cooperation with the Children’s HopeChest team in Colorado. The team works to include the local community in ongoing decisions and planning in order to empower them to recognize their involvement in the work at hand and to ensure that the CarePoint is viewed as a Ugandan initiative supported by us and not the other way around.

What Staff Members are at the CarePoint?

Each CarePoint has several staff members including a Caretaker (patriarchal or matriarchal figure), Discliplers (big brothers/big sisters who support the kids and help them daily – usually 2 at each site), cooks who prepare a massive amount of food each day, and Social Workers who are on site several times a week to hep facilitate care of the kids in their community settings. The operation is overseen by the Country Director and Ugandan “office staff” who help oversee a dozen other sites in the country.

Who Owns the CarePoint?

The site, buildings, and facilities are purchased by and owned by Children’s HopeChest, but the very publicly stated objective is for the CarePoints to be absorbed by the local community in the “SUCCESS” phase of the development plan. Ultimately, the objective is to pull out of the region in a decade having empowered the local community to care for its own vulnerable and orphaned kids.

Is this a Christian Organization?

Children’s HopeChest and Orphans of Teso are faith-based initiatives, following the example and directive of Jesus to “do to others as you would have them do for you”, “love orphans and widows in their distress”, and to see God’s “Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven”. You can read Children’s HopeChest’s Statement of Faith here. Although we do believe that in the final analysis that it is the love of Jesus that compels all mankind toward “other centric” and “self sacrificial” love, we have sponsors and donors from all walks of life and a variety of faith backgrounds. We encourage you to join us (regardless of your background) in the life-giving journey of Loving Others.

How are funds allocated, and where does my sponsorship money go?

The HopeChest program allows for all fund-raising in the form of sponsorships and general fund-raising to go directly towards the specific CarePoint for which the funds were raised rather than into a general pool. Our efforts to support our kids truly impact them and their futures. More than 80% of all funds go directly towards program delivery and child survival, with no more than 20% being utilized for administrative and fund-raising overhead. Your donations truly go to help the kids – and if you want to know for sure join us for a trip to see for yourself.

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