Use your passion to change lives!

Kim Rushing is the owner of Noodle Zoo in Ankeny!  The minute she heard about the work being done in Uganda through Children’s HopeChest she wanted to be a part of it and make a difference however she could! We are so thankful for her open heart and her eagerness to use her business however she can to support the children in our program.  She and her staff sponsor multiple children, they’ve held many fundraisers at Noodle zoo, donated hundreds of dollars towards education and has even traveled with us to meet the kids she sponsors!  Anytime we have a need, Kim is quick to jump in and help however she can!

Kim doesn’t have much free time outside of making amazing food at Noodle Zoo so she uses her talents within her business to change lives!  If you’ve been into the restaurant you probably haven’t gotten out of there without hearing about her passion for these kids!!  Her customers and staff even rallied together to send her to Uganda because her love for these kids was so evident!  Many of her customers now sponsor kids because Kim has inspired them!

Not only has she changed many lives because of her generosity, but her life has been changed forever as well!  Check out Kim’s video to hear about her experience with Children’s HopeChest and please consider joining her!! There are still many kids waiting for a special friend who would like to provide them with just the basic necessities of life: food, medical care, schooling and LOVE!  For just $1.25 a day you can change a life forever!! Click here to see the children waiting for a sponsor!

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