Double-Dog-Dare by Jess Duren

I started sponsoring through Children’s HopeChest five years ago. I started sponsoring  because the idea of actually traveling to meet “my kid” was very appealing.

 The first summer after I signed up for sponsorship I went on a trip. To say I fell in love with the kids and the organization is an understatement. I’m not sure you can go without that happening – which is why I and many others have gone back again and again. Going to Uganda gave me the opportunity to see my money in action. It reassured me that the $38 a month that comes out of my account goes toward what was promised.  Lives are being changed because of these donations.  The trips also showed me money isn’t everything.  The staff on the ground are doing the real work each day.  The meal program, the school fees, medical care – all of these run seamlessly through the work of HopeChest staff.  As a sponsorship team, we just get to show up twice a year and celebrate those accomplishments.


The biggest takeaway I’ve had from sponsoring through this organization is the relationship I’ve been able to form with my two girls.  To write letters, send photos, and then show up and hug their necks is worth every penny spent and then some.  I’ve been able to have meaningful conversations about their everyday life, the joys and struggles they face.  I know they are working hard in school and at home.  I know because I get updates, and because I’ve been able to see their physical growth and their joy in person.  I pray for them, and they pray for me.  It’s an incredibly humbling relationship!


I don’t have children of my own, but I tell the kids each time I visit that they are mine – that I’ve claimed all 600+ of them.  It’s true though.  I love these kids.

We leave for our next trip to Uganda in January. The goal – have 100 percent sponsorship by then. We want to tell these kids they are all sponsored; they are all loved!  You can help make that happen!  Just click here to find the special child who has been waiting for YOU to sponsor them!!

I double-dog-dare you to look through their photos!





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