100% Sponsorship = 100% Smiles

Over the past 6 years, our generous sponsors have brought hope, health,  education and SMILES to over 600 children through a $38 a month sponsorship!

Each time we visit the CarePoints we are blown away by the progress the children have made and the obstacles they have overcome.  They have gone from hopeless, hungry children to being the top kids in their classes with big dreams for their future.

Orphans of Teso Journey

We started our journey in the village of Ogoloi with 120 children.  Once each of those kids found a sponsor we were able to start working in the village of Bukedea where we added 170 kids.  One by one, our friends and family came forward and said they’d like to join us in changing the lives of these children.  Each and every one of those kids also found a sponsor, or a “friend” as the word sponsor means in their language.  And just a year ago we added our third village where your sponsorships provide for over 200 more children.

Every six months we visit these villages and are told about more children who would benefit from the HopeChest program and the leaders ask if these children can be added to the program so they can have their basic life needs met!

Each time we don’t know how we could possibly find more sponsors but YES we want these children to eat and go to school so we add another 20-40 kids to the program.   And each time we’ve been able to find sponsors for these kids.

Our journey continues, and on our last trip we added another set of children who desperately need food, schooling, medical care, discipleship and love!  They need a special “friend” who will come alongside them and give them hope for a better future!

Facebook Ad 2

100% Smiles

This week we are starting a Facebook campaign called 100% smiles to find a sponsor for 100% of the children in our program!

We need each of you to think of a few people who might be willing to sponsor a child!  

Tell them about your friends in Uganda and the experience you’ve had sponsoring a child and ask them to consider choosing a child whose life they’d like to change forever!

We need our tribe of sponsors to put their heads together with us, to say yes with us, to take ownership of finding sponsors for these kids.


How can you help?

We currently have 43 kids who are waiting for a sponsor! Let’s get creative together and find them each a sponsor before we visit in January.

How can you get your kids involved to sponsor a child on their own?

How can you get your neighborhood, your small group, your kid’s classroom, your extended family or your book club to partner with you to sponsor a child?  whit cake

We have a middle school girl whose heart who decided sell baked goods so she could sponsor her own child.    One family decided in place of Christmas presents for each other, each family would pay for a month or two of sponsorship throughout the year and they sponsor a kid together as an extended family. We have a youth group who sponsors a child and each youth brings a small offering each week to help cover the child’s sponsorship for the month.  There are unending ways to help find sponsors for these remaining 43 kids.

As we share videos, blogs and photos please share them, like them and comment on them! Think of the joy you’ve had in watching the kids you sponsor survive, thrive and succeed and share that opportunity with everyone around you!

Give your friends the opportunity to bring 100% smiles to a child in Uganda!!!


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