How you’ve changed the world

We have been working with Children’s HopeChest since June of 2011 and we are thrilled with the progress we see in the kid’s lives and their villages.   We truly have seen your $38 a month is changing their lives and giving them hope for a better future!  The way your $38 changes their life is by providing them with daily food, medical care, education, discipleship and so much more!

The journey of Orphans of Teso began with a desire to make a difference in the world and to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Dylan and Joe traveled to Uganda to visit villages that had been identified as in need of assistance and after meeting kids in numerous villages and falling in love with all of them, they chose the village of Ogoloi.  HopeChest sent us photos of 120 orphaned and vulnerable children and we asked all of our friends and family if they’d like to join us on this journey of changing lives one child at a time and the response was overwhelmingly yes!!!  Within two months, everyone of those 120 children had a sponsor, so we stepped out in faith again, and added the village of Bukedea!  Over the course of a year those children all also received a sponsor and over the next couple years, because of your generosity, we were able to dig wells, build buildings, kitchens, pit latrines and fences and buy each kiddo a goat!  When we heard about the village of Ongongoja where they claim they are “at the ends of the earth and no one knows they exist” we decided again to step out in faith and help these children who we know God loves more than we do, and again your response was amazing.  Within a few months the first 185 of them have already also found a sponsor!

It has been fun watching these kids grow and learn and start to succeed and we have a few stories of success we’d love to share with you!


From the first day we arrived in Bukedea and met Silver, we knew there was something very special about him.  He is super intelligent and has learned to do amazing things with whatever resources he has access to.  It is fun to see how he is beginning to “succeed”  in life and is also DAILY giving back to the CarePoint and the community!  He has written below about his life and how HopeChest has helped him in his journey! Everyone of our children have a different story, Silver may not have been starving as some in the program were, but he was in need of help and has flourished because of the assistance he was given.

       “I live with my mother and my five other brothers, my father died in 1999, in our family, my mother was able to provide us with food but she was not able to buy scholastic materials and pay for our school fees.  I was the one buying scholastics materials and paying for my own school fees, I got this money through the gift GOD gave me of wiring and understanding electronics for example: I would wire people’s houses and give them electricity using local batteries and I would repair electronic devices like: Radios, watches, Calculators and other.  In our family it reached the extent where we were able to only eat once a day and that was supper.   I had an eye condition where I could only see close objects and I was not able to medically treat myself.   At school during lessons, I was able to listen and write on my book but I was not able to see what was written on the blackboard unless I stood near it like a teacher.  This made me not perform very well in class though I did still pass onto the next grade.  I found it very difficult to buy glasses that could correct my eyesight.                                                                

Bukedea Children’s HopeChest started in 2009 and I was fourteen years old.  We met in a church and I was among the first group of children to be profiled.  We started enjoying a delicious meal (lunch) everyday except on Sundays and this made me feel very healthy in my daily life.  In 2012, I was in senior four day school -GOD answered my prayers and I got a chance to get a sponsor!  Then HopeChest started buying scholastic materials and paying for my school fees!  HopeChest bought me the glasses that I was not able to buy and now because generous sponsors have sent them to me, I have four pairs and they all look nice and work very well for me!  I can now see what is written on the blackboard.  HopeChest gave each child in the CarePoint a goat and now goats are multiplying in our homes!  From my support I have been able to buy two piglets which have grown very fat and are about to produce many piglets!  My sponsor continued supporting me financially until I was able to buy a photo printer (cannon) that I am able to use as a business!  

Through wiring and playing around with electronic devices, I was able to make a Christian radio station named VISION MEDEA, this is the first and only radio station in Bukedea district but it has very low coverage, one and half kilometers round, I have hope for this radio station to be boosted to reach further distances in Jesus name!  HopeChest has started helping me in boosting the type of electricity I am using (buying solar battery) and many other great things are on coming!!  At the CarePoint we always share and learn the word of GOD, we celebrate Christmas with a very fun party at the CarePoint and all these make me feel good in life.  I am now a leader at the CarePoint and am helping all of the other children however I can.  This spring I will be joining technical school for the course of software engineering.

      All the support that HopeChest is providing to me and the services I offer to the community such as: photograph and print out photos, wiring and repairing electronic devices has brought positive changes in both my life, our family and the community in large.  I am now able to provide some of our family’s needs, I am paying one of my brother’s school fees, and I take my small music system to the CarePoint to entertain my young brothers and sisters at the CarePoint.          

      Our life is so much better because of Children’s HopeChest.  I can’t explain how much I always thank our sponsors from America for having such loving and caring hearts for us orphans and the needy children in Africa, let GOD who knows you in and out bless all the works of your hands, GOD bless you with everlasting life! GOD BLESS HOPE CHEST!!!  Thank you I love HopeChest!  Silver       



Emmanuel is from Ogoloi Village and has been a part of the sponsorship program since 2009.  He has become a great leader among the children at the CarePoint, is very smart and knows English very well!  He has been the head leader in each of his classes in school and he loves to lead!  He tells me his dream is to become a member of parliament!  We are excited to continue to invest in Emmanuel’s life as he finishes school and pursues his dreams!    Below is a note written by Emmanuel telling some ways that HopeChest has helped him.

“HopeChest has helped me pay my school fees and other school requirements.  They have helped me live a Godly life through the provision of HOLY Bibles and discipleship at the CarePoint.  It has improved my health status of living through providing medical care and daily meals.  It has made known to me other areas within UGANDA through organizing football games between other CarePoints which also allowed me to meet more friends.  HopeChest has given me life skills such as how to make liquid soap, poultry management and cake making.  There are so many things HopeChest has done to my life, village and the whole  of Uganda.  May God Bless all the sponsors.”     


On one of our last trips we had an amazing videographer who was able to join us and tell the story of two more boys who have succeeded in school and are now heading into University!  We are excited we are seeing real life change in these kids and excited they will be able to break the cycle of poverty and provide for themselves and their families!!  Check out this cool video

Thank you all for your support over the last few years!  These life changes and hundreds more have only happened because of your sacrifice and love!  We look forward to continuing to change lives with you for many more years to come!!





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