Obeying God’s Call By Whitney Stanley (age 11)

(This is a guest post by one of our amazing sponsors named Whitney who is 11 years old! Read her story and be inspired!!)

Obeying God’s Calling

I decided I wanted to sponsor a child the day after Christmas.  I remember seeing all of the gifts I had gotten and thinking, “that’s not fair.”  Not because I didn’t get my favorite toy, or because I didn’t get as much as my siblings.  My thought was, “It’s not fair that I get all of this, and some people get NOTHING, just because of where we are born.  That was when God laid on my heart the urge to give someone some opportunities that I have.  Opportunities like school and clothes.  Some children don’t even have these things and some kids here are disappointed they don’t have the latest designer clothes. How unfair!   I knew that our family sponsored children, but I felt that God wanted me to sponsor a child using my own money to sacrifice for someone else.  I started baking to raise money for the girl I sponsor, Immaculate.  Now I’ve sponsored Immaculate for almost an entire year, and I hope to keep sponsoring her for many more years to come.  immac

whit 2

I think the hardest part of sponsoring a child is choosing one.  Only choosing one out of the hundreds of children who need help is heart breaking.  Now that I’ve chosen Immaculate, she is one of the most special people in the world to me.  I love her so much and hope that she will be my sister in Christ.  It doesn’t matter that she is in Uganda, and I live in Iowa, in the US. I pray that she is learning about Jesus and knows how much He loves her.  

whit cake

If you are unsure if God is telling you to sponsor a child, I have a one word answer for you.   Pray.  God will answer you just like He answered me.  I hope you find this encouraging, and that it inspires you to obey God’s calling.  God loves you!
Whitney Stanley, age 11

Here is a video of Immaculate saying hi to Whitney from Ongongoja!

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