More Than a Dollar

Living Life Gilson


It has taken me about two and a half weeks to really wrap my head around all of the emotions that I’ve been feeling, and to be honest, I’m still not there yet. Instead of this blog being about my trip, I’m going to talk about the biggest thing I learned…. Your sponsorship is more than a dollar amount. I know that we put it out there for sponsoring these kids, “$38/month. One less trip to Starbucks a day. One less dinner at a restaurant. One less shirt that will sit in your closet.” $38 is really not much to us, and yes that’s what we ask for you to give, but $38 to these Ugandan children is so much more.

$38 a month is food.

These are kids at the Bukedea Care Point waiting in line for their lunch.

11896204_10101900215080884_7183922577924023621_o Children bring their siblings that aren’t in the program and share…

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