It takes a village to change a village- By John Antoine


$38 is the cost to sponsor one child.  How does $38 come to change someone’s life?  In fact, not just one person’s life, but help change a whole community?  Okay, the truth is that the money does not make those changes (but it is necessary!) and I still don’t fully grasp the process of moving whole communities from surviving to succeeding. However, I do know that it takes an incredible amount of effort from some amazing staff.

bukedea cook

Our amazing cooks serving food!

I have had some opportunities to visit Uganda and one of my favorite parts of the trips, which I didn’t expect would be beforehand, was getting to know the Children’s HopeChest staff.  I guess I had never considered the incredible amount of effort and time that goes into providing the truly amazing programs and services to the communities we sponsor. The in-country staff that we met are really incredible people who have really incredible impacts on children’s lives.  It’s worth more than a moment to take a look at the different positions at our CarePoints.  The people below are the people making the change in Bukedea, Ogoloi, and Ongongoja.

Cooks – Children’s HopeChest provides a meal for every child in the program 6 days out of the week.  Our cooks prepare and serve over 100 meals a day, depending on the CarePoint.  This is not done with industrial sized ovens, restaurant grade equipment, or even sinks.  These meals are prepared over fires with long lines of hungry kids and with a big dash of love (cheesy I know, but I had to say it).cooks ogoloi

Disciplers – Meet Julius.  Julius is a Discipler at the Ogoloi CarePoint.  He provides biblical teaching and training as well as being a stable adult contact.  Julius assists with homework, runs programs, and facilitates classes (such as sewing, cultivating, and raising chickens).  Disciplers also serve as mentors at the CarePoints. Julius was the equivalent of the youth pastor at the Ogoloi church and is always on the lookout for the orphans we sponsor.  He has truly saved some of the kids from dire situations and is always there to help.julius john

Social Workers – The Social Workers facilitate relationships between families and CarePoints.  They speak out for children’s well-being and health as well as conduct home visits. Socials Workers also serve as the intermediary between families and schoolssocial worker.

Caretakers– Meet Richard.  Richard is the Caretaker of the Bukedea CarePoint.  His responsibilities include supervising the CarePoint staff, serving as an advocate for families and children in the community, and conducting home visits.  Richard is married and he and his wife recently had their first baby.  He is genuine, hardworking, truly has a heart for the children, and was one of the favorite people I met in Uganda.  He is an awesome resource to Children’s HopeChest.IMG_2691

Country Director – Meet Joseph.  Joseph manages all CarePoints in Uganda.  He has years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and is an amazing leader with a huge heart.   He ensures the programs are running correctly as well as coordinates and facilitates the visiting teams.  If you were to take a trip to visit Uganda, you would most likely have the pleasure of making Joseph’s acquaintance, which is worth the ticket itself.408354_10100734131985489_662911967_n


Two of our disciplers telling us all about a child

Amazing things are happening in Bukedea, Ogoloi, and Ongongoja.  Hungry children are being fed, the sick are receiving medical attention, and communities are being made whole.  This is happening because of your sponsorship, but through these awesome staff.  Keep them in prayer as they are working to better the lives of the kids that adorn our refrigerators.

Thank you so much to everyone who is already sponsoring a child!! You are changing the kids lives and the lives of each of the staff that we are able to employ because of your sponsorship.  To learn more about sponsoring a child please go here and consider sponsoring one TODAY!!


  Here are a few more photos of the amazing staff in Uganda!

bukedea staff

Bukedea staff and the leadership committee


Ogoloi cooks

moses julius

Ogoloi care taker and discipler


Another hard working cook

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