100% Smiles

There are 152 children currently being cared for at the Ongongoja CarePoint in Uganda.

As of today 76 of them are currently unsponsored.

Facebook Ad 1And, there are more than 750 additional documented orphans in the immediate surrounding area… So, this summer, we are putting all of our effort into making 100% sure that 100% of these kids have a sponsor before we hit the ground in August to visit the 3 CarePoints again with our latest team. We are reaching out to everyone we know.  Pulling no punches. And pulling out all the stops. For the 90 days prior to our departure for Uganda we will be asking everyone to help us reach an entirely achievable goal of having 100% of  all of our kids at the Ongongoja CarePoint sponsored.

Because 100% Sponsorship = 100% Smiles!

  • If you don’t yet sponsor a child at one of our Carepoints, we are going to ask you to consider partnering with us for just $38 a month to help make a lasting impact in the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable kids.
  • If you already sponsor a kid, we are going to be asking you to reach out to people you know who might want to get involved. Friends, colleagues, your bible study/small group, or just random strangers in Walmart. Or you could consider sponsoring another 🙂
  • We are going to ask you to help us promote this effort by liking and sharing our posts, and tagging friends who are good candidates to sponsors one of the unsponsored children.
  • We will be posting frequent blogs and videos from current sponsors, telling their story of how sponsorship has impacted not only the child they support, but their family and personal lives.
  • And, we are going to have a little fun along the way!
  • Click here to download a PDF of “Ways to Help

Ticker_90 Days_76 Kids


Why is 100% Sponsorship so important?

Daily meals, School, Medical Care, Discipleship, Skills Training, Guidance. But even more importantly, because every single one of these kids deserves to know that someone out there cares about them. The impact of child sponsorship in the lives of these kids is incredible, and for several years now we have had the privilege of watching our sponsored kids begin to flourish with the hope of a better future. We also have some lofty goals to profile 50-100 more kids in August when we return to Uganda, and we can only do this once we get the current kids accounted for.

Learn more about why 100% Sponsorship Matters here!

We are incredibly excited to show up in August and be able to look every single one of these kids that we profiled in January in the eye and let them know that God has provided them a “friend” (the aTeso word for Sponsor translates directly as “friend”) who cares about them enough to choose them. It’s a lofty goal…but somehow it seems that the more we stick our necks out, the more God comes through. Several years ago we stuck our necks out when we launched our first CarePoint in Uganda with 120 kids (Ogoloi) – with no idea of how we could find that many sponsors. And 3 Months later: BOOM!  So we stuck our necks out again and launched Bukedea with more than 200 kids. A long shot. But. BOOM! All 220 kids found sponsors. And today the Bukedea and Ogoloi CarePoints are Thriving, and we are moving forward to our “SUCCEED” long term sustainability initiatives.

So…here we go again. 90 Days. 76 more kids.

Neck officially on the line.

Bring it.

A huge thanks to all of you who continue to support what God is doing in and through the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable kids who are incredible blessed and grateful to have the hope of a future through your ongoing love and generosity. We are truly grateful for all of you, for your commitment to care about those who the world had forgotten, and yet who are so loved by the God who calls himself the “Father to the fatherless” – Ps 68:5




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