College Bound

In Uganda, less than 25% of children are able to progress in their schooling to secondary school. That means that more than 75% of Ugandan children never make it beyond a 6th grade education.

For an orphaned child in a remote or extremely impoverished region like Ogoloi, Bukedea, and Ongongoja, the stats are significantly worse. No matter how hard a child is this situation tries, the hope of a future through education is simply not a luxury many of them have.

Many kids simply can’t afford the school fees and exam fees, or even the pencils needed to attend. For others, their family situation means that they spend the majority of their days walking back and forth down a dusty path (usually from early in the morning till late in the afternoon) fetching water from the nearest borehole for the family to use. Others are forced to care for livestock during the day, and kept from school as a convenience to their caretakers. It is sad, and sometimes seemingly hopeless.

So when we get to see success stories like those of these two guys, we are thrilled beyond words.

Both John and Solomon are shining examples of the hope that the Children’s Hope Chest Carepoints can provide children who otherwise would never have the opportunity of such a bright future. Both of these boys have been supported for several years through the Ogoloi CarePoint as a result of your sponsorship. Both are College Bound. An amazing feat, that impacts not just them, or their family tree, but the entire community. Their example provides hope and motivation for an entire generation of kids following in their footsteps, who for the first time (despite their low status in the culture as orphaned and abandoned children) see a picture of hope. What a privilege to be involved in such a life-changing initiative.

To Mark Maloney who sponsors John…

and to Tim Mitchum who sponsors Solomon…


Please consider joining us in giving life and hope to the children at our CarePoints in Uganda through the gift of child sponsorship. Your monthly gift of $38 truly changes lives. Those of the kids we serve….and YOURS!

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