Drones, Dance Parties, and Chickens

Since we added the third CarePoint to the Orphans of Teso family the stop at each CarePoint will have to be a little shorter each time.  Our amazing team of 8 just finished up their 2 1/2 days in Bukedea and are now off to meet the new kids in Ongongoja.

From what I heard they had a great couple days in Bukedea meeting the kids, singing, dancing, flying the drone, taking videos, and playing with the kids.  Sounds like one of the highlights of the visit for the kids, adults and the team was the video drone that one of the teammates brought along.  They have captured a ton of great videos that they can’t wait to share once they get back to the states.  Unfortunately, many of the checked bags (including all of the photo albums and the indestructible soccer balls!) have not made it to Uganda yet so the team was not able to deliver them. Hopefully they will arrive soon and the Ugandan staff will be able to deliver them for you all!

The Bukedea CarePoint has been operating for a quite a few years now so they are moving beyond the survive and thrive stages and into the succeed stage and they have lots of exciting opportunities for the community to start making their own money and providing for their own needs coming in the near future.  I suspect it will be quite a shock for all of the first time visitors to see the difference between Bukedea and Ongongoja where they are just starting their survive stage of care.

The best way to tell the story of what the team has been doing so far is through pictures, so here you go!


This is our full team from left to right Joe Schafbuch, Kristen Geiger, Chad Gardner, Alissa Gardner, Dylan debruin, Brenton Grimm, Brad Grimm, and Curt Grimm


The children’s caretakers are as excited as the children for the teams arrival. They greeted the team with traditional singing and dancing and a parade into the village!


The children sing songs to greet everyone as they are ushered through a tunnel and into the tent for introductions and more singing and dancing!


The children performing a little number they have practiced for the team


The children saying hi to their sponsors!


Everyone enjoying the drone


A little fun being had!


Apparently Alissa and Kristen won the dance off!


Not sure what’s happening here but it sure does look fun!


Nail painting is a favorite activity for both boys and girls!


Worship time!

joe boys

A little bit of boy time!


Just before the team leaves the care takers and children want to give the team gifts to show them their love and gratitude for all they do. Often times this gift is a chicken- looks like Curt received his first chicken!!

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