Another amazing team in Uganda

Another group from Orphans of Teso is on the ground in Uganda ready to love the kiddos, build relationships, play soccer, sing, dance, play, dance, paint nails and did I say dance?  We also have a videography team along this time to bring us back some amazing footage of the kiddos, the CarePoints and their homes.  We can’t wait to post videos and share their lives with you!  We would love to introduce you to this amazing team that just arrived in Uganda today!

brad brenton curtBrad, Brenton, and Curt Grimm

Brad is a friend of ours from way back when and he has some great talent in videography.  We asked him if he’d be willing to use his talents for the Kingdom of God by traveling with us to Uganda to capture the lives of our special friends in the sponsorship program and help us tell the story of the new CarePoint Ongongoja.  His amazing wife (with 5 kids at home all VERY young) graciously agreed to let him go!!  He also recruited his Dad, Curt, and brother, Brenton, to be his “film crew” and to play with the kids at the CarePoint!! We are so excited to have this family as a part of this trip and now as a part of the Orphans of Teso family!!

kristinKristin Geiger

It has been Kristin’s life long dream to travel to Africa and work with orphans! She decided to join our Real Estate Company as an agent, just under a year ago, when she learned about the work we were doing in Uganda.  About a week after she joined the company, her family of 5 each picked a child to sponsor and she decided to join us on this trip!  We are so excited for her to meet all of the kids her family sponsors.  She is a super fun, energetic momma whom everyone one of the kiddos will absolutely LOVE!

chad and alissaChad and Alissa Gardner Alissa has been a part of the Orphans of Teso family since the very beginning!  This is her second trip to Uganda with us, only this time she is a newlywed and brought her husband with her as well!  She is involved with her Rotary group in Cedar Rapids Iowa and they recently gave her a $10,000 grant to buy laptops for the Hope Chest kiddos and bring Khan Academy to them to help improve their education.   She brought a few hundred pounds of laptops with her on the trip to deliver and we can’t want to see how they can use them to SUCCEED in their educations. She also has lots of friends and family that sponsor kids she is excited to see!

joeJoe Schafbuch

Joe is one of the founders of Orphans of Teso and has been to Uganda many times.  His family has lots of kids they sponsor who will be so excited to see him again.  He is super excited to be back in Africa with his second family!

dylanDylan debruin

The kids wait in anticipation each time they see a car hoping it may be Dylan.  They all love Uncle Dylan and will be so excited to see him again.  Dylan can’t wait to go to the new CarePoint this time and meet all the new kids and grow our family by another 150!!

The team arrived in Uganda at  4:10 AM on January 8th, jumped in a van and drove 8 hours straight to the CarePoint to meet the kids in Bukedea.  They had a great first day meeting the kids although they were VERY tired!  Hopefully tomorrow they will have access to internet and be able to post some pictures.   Here is the Orphans of Teso facebook page you can follow to hear about the trip and see pictures!


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