Change Your Story, By Changing Theirs!

Change Their Story

This year, for Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of a King who chose a manger for a crib, and a cross as a throne, we are encouraging you to join us in changing the story of the thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world who are truly in need of the good news of Christmas.

Every year, in place of the hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping and buying and getting that Christmas has become, our family has chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus by raising support for a variety of sustainable development projects at our Children’s HopeChest CarePoints in Uganda.

For the last 4 years, Jen and I, along with our two boys, have reached out to friends and family as well as to work colleagues and our social networks to ask them to donate to our Change Their Story campaign page. We had no idea just how successful this could be.

Our first year we thought we would start big and take a risk. We set a goal of $5,000 to raise enough funds to build a kitchen at our Ogoloi Carepoint. We thought it was a long shot, but we were willing to try. Within a couple of weeks it was clear we would need to increase our goal a little, which we did. And by the end of the campaign, on New Years Eve, let’s just say we had increased the goal several times. Entirely to our surprise, we had raised a total of almost $27,000. This funded the purchase of a new site for the Ogoloi CarePoint, as well as the construction of a kitchen, pit latrines and a multi-purpose meeting building for the kids. We were astounded.

Last year was no different. Our goal of $22,000 for fencing and building completion at the Bukedea CarePoint, and a fence and drinking well in Ogoloi was blown out of the water again. We closed out last year’s campaign with more than $32,000 raised between the two CarePoints, fully funding these projects with sufficient excess to bolster our health and education funds for each of the sites.

This year, we are raising funds to buy goats for all 364 of our kids at the Bukedea and Ogoloi Carepoints (with our real estate firm matching the first 100 goats raised through our agents), and an additional campaign to raise funds to help launch our newest CarePoint in Ongongoja.

Change Your Story Too

Change Their Story has been a fantastic way to live out the true meaning of Christmas with our family.  And we think that it would be for yours too. Not only has this been an incredible way to give back and to love these amazing kids that are desperately in need of our support, but it has also had a huge impact on our family. It’s been such a pleasure to watch our boys willingly sacrifice their Christmas presents and ask family to rather give to Jesus on his birthday by giving to these kids. And it has certainly brought us closer together as a family. Giving does that.

And as with all things, when you give, you get. And that has most certainly been true for us. We have gotten more joy from seeing the immense progress being made at our Carepoints, and from working together as a family to provide hope to our Ugandan extended family than we would ever have imagined.  While we were at work to try and Change Their Story, God was at work changing ours too.

So, this year…we would like to challenge YOU to step up and get involved. Sign up to be a team captain for the Change Their Story campaign, or join one of the many teams already working to raise funds for dozens of CarePoints around the world. You can set a small goal, or go big.  And there are a dozen other ways to get involved as well.  It’s easy, fun, and an incredible way to live out the Good News.



Hope Chest provides you with the fundraising campaign page which you can easily customize, and your goal can be as big or as small as you want. Overall, we are hoping to raise more than $325,000 this year to support a variety of projects around the globe.

So…there really is no excuse. Take a step. Sign up.
And Join us in making a difference.

Click here to visit the CHANGE THEIR STORY home page and learn more.

Change Their Story….And Let God Change Yours!

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