Many Hear The Call, Few Listen- By Destiny Welsh

It’s quiet and I close my eyes. I see Him, I hear Him. And I listen. Jesus takes my hand and we walk along the beach next to the water’s edge. I tell Him of my fears, my hopes, desires and prayers deep within my heart. We look out into the water and IDSC04979 get glimpses of where my life is leading me.

He’s been preparing me for a trip to Africa for many years, long before I even knew where Africa was.  When I was young He developed my heart for the desire of being around children, especially those in need of extra love. As I grew into a young adult He raised my desire for travel and the adventure that goes along with it.  As an adult He whispered the answers to my questions about when and where to go in Africa. Journal entry; Oct. 14, 2012 “I pray in my heart that I will be ready and willing when He tells me it’s time to go. Time to go to His children and leave the life I know.” In August of 2013 I flew to Uganda with a group from Children’s Hopechest. August 1, 2013 “My heart began to beat a bit faster as our plane broke through the clouds and Uganda was in clear view. We have landed. I have arrived.”


In a cliché sense I want to say, “It was a dream come true,” but I know that it wasn’t my dream, it was God’s plan. I heard what He was telling me to do and I refused to turn my cheek. I listened to his whispers and for that very reason I had the opportunity to experience this:

Aug. 5, 2013

I can’t count the number of small hands that slipped into mine today. With each hand holding experience came two bright eyes staring up at me and a big bright smile. I held a number of hands but one that seemed to find mine most often was DSC05265that of Abraham’s, the boy I sponsor. We waited most of the day until at last it was our turn to go on a home visit.  We took a bus as far as we could and then walked hand in hand down a couple dirt paths until we arrived at his home. He took pride in introducing me to his family and showing me where he slept. My heart will never be the same. Abraham Eliodo is ten years old, lives in Bukedea, Uganda, and has changed my life.  I truly, absolutely love him.DSC04996

There have been a number of times I’ve heard people say, “I would love to travel and help other people,” “I should have done it a long time ago,”  “I’ll go someday but now is not the time.” My prayer is that those comments don’t come out of your mouth but instead you say, “I did my little part in this big world.” I’ve never once, in all my traveling experiences, wished I had not gone. Every trip I’ve gone on has given me a new outlook on life and new group of people to call friends.

Take that walk with Jesus. Open your heart to His desires for yourself and trust Him. Traveling out of the country or travel in general is not for everyone but if you’re hearing the call and feeling the tug on your heart, then go. Perhaps sponsorship is your calling. Either way your heart will be forever changed.DSC04976DSC04953DSC04992DSC04959DSC05087

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