God’s Love Knows No Boundaries- By Taylor Johnson

I always knew there were people in need in the world. It’s not that I didn’t care, I just never personally saw a face or heard a story. It wasn’t until I came across the book Kisses from Katie in the summer of 2011, that I realized how much I lived in a box. It’s great going about life not hearing terrible stories of children losing their parents and having to either sell themselves for food or die of starvation. I don’t know that pain. I don’t know what it’s like to worry about food or clothing or education.

joseph 1I realized that this life that I’ve lived for so long would never change lives because I was so consumed in my own desires. God used this book about orphans to light a fire inside of me to step outside of this Americanized view of thinking. That’s when I came across Children’s Hope Chest in the back of a book by Tom Davis. I was so excited to even start on a journey to show God’s love to others a world away from me! We love this organization because it is so personal. The joy it brings to my family to see pictures of our sponsor child holding our gifts we send to him is just indescribable.

We also get to be a part of the Change Their Story Fundraiser every year around Christmas. Instead of asking for gifts that we don’t need, we get to give our loved ones a chance to give towards changing the lives of children in Uganda.joseph

The fact that Jordan is Joseph’s best friend shows you the impact that sponsorship has had on his life. He knows that someone cares enough about him to help him go to school and to be fed. It is absolutely humbling and amazing.

God can absolutely turn your world and everything you’ve ever thought upside down and in the midst of it all bring so much joy to you.

Did I ever think I would be able to be a part of something that would make an eternal difference in the lives of kids half a world away? No. Am I grateful and better for it? Absolutely!

Sponsorship has given me the blessing of being a part of something bigger than myself. It is a beautiful picture of how God’s love knows no boundaries.  

If you also would like to be a part of changing children’s lives forever click here to learn more and to see all of the children waiting to find a sponsor!

Here are a few more pictures we have received of Joseph over the last couple years!! So fun to see him grow!!

joseph 2

joseph 5

joseph family

joseph 3

joseph 4joseph 6

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