Delivering Smiles

photo book rebecca

This is an example of the mini photo book a sponsor made last year

We are really excited to have a new team of people preparing to go to Uganda with us this January!  As always we are excited to get back to see the kids and bring them your greetings.  Each time we see them they  ask about their sponsors and want to know everything about you that we can tell them.

We would love to bring a letter and photo book again from EACH of you to your sponsored child in January.  This small gift means so much to them.  One of our most difficult jobs on the trip is to organize and deliver each of the packages sponsors have prepared for their sponsored kids.  Each trip we have tried hard to simplify this and make it easier and equal for all of the kids.  For this trip we are going to ask everyone to send something very specific so that every child can get the same thing.  We would like you to send a letter and a small photo book that you can order from My Publisher .

The book we would like you to make is the mini book it is 3.5″ by 2.75″ and costs $2.99.  We have had sponsors send these in the past and they are perfect!  It is easy for us to transport, easy to give the kids, and easy for the kids to keep nice.  Please include your sponsored child’s name on the front of the photo book.  Many sponsors who have made photo books in the past have also put a picture of their sponsored child on the front cover of the album.  The kids LOVE that!! None of them have photos of themselves so that is very special to them.   We would love for you to get these ordered early (before the holiday rush) and get them to us as soon as you can.

Once you get them put together you can have them shipped directly to us if you would like.

Jen debruin

5015 NE Rio Dr

Ankeny, IA 50021

We want you all to know how important you are to each of your sponsored kids!  You truly are changing their lives.  They pray and fast for you regularly and love you so much!!  Thanks for your continued support and sacrifice!

Below are a few pictures of kids receiving albums!! Their smiles are priceless!!






caeden paul




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