Education is freedom

Every once in a while I’ll come across a story or situation that makes me feel completely helpless. While visiting Uganda in July, I was faced with a home visit that did just that. The situation, which I wanted to fix immediately, left me angry and upset. Let me convince you to join in my rage and to be a part of the solution!


Through these hard times having a sponsor has given these children a little glimmer of joy!

In 2013 we profiled children in Ogoloi to add to our program. We heard a story of children who were tied to a tree just the night before by their drunken father. Yes, you read that correctly. He had plans to kill them with a machete because he was tired of them constantly asking for food and he did not have enough food to feed them.  Luckily, one of the kids sprung loose and ran for help. She ran to someone she trusted, a former discipler from the Carepoint there. He was able to save the children, and tied up the father, leaving him until daylight the next day to sober up. Some of these children were already in the program but more were added. This year we went to visit. This year we learned more of the truth.

There are not just four children, there are seven. The mother is sick and appears very frail. The father is considered “mad” or mentally ill (because of this reason they are not able to arrest him for the crimes he does). He is also a drunk.  The father comes home in a drunken rage many nights and hurts the mom and children. Many nights the mom runs off with the kids into the bush to hide from the father where they get bitten by malaria mosquitos so the children are often sick with malaria and can not attend school.

IMG_8365It’s been said “knowledge is power.” But I say, they don’t want power – they just want to live. Education will set them free. Free from a home filled with abuse. Free from a family that won’t stand up and protect them. And eventually, free from poverty.  Through much discussion with this family and the local leadership, the only “solution” to this helpless situation is to send all of these school aged children to boarding school.  Boarding school will give these kids a much better education and will give them a safe place to live away from their abusive father.  Unfortunately boarding school is much more expensive than public school so we need to raise extra funds to send this family and a few others in similar desperate situations to boarding school.  Will you help create a better childhood for these sweet children and give them “hope” from what they consider their hopeless situations?  Here is the link to donate towards this education fund

Below are all of the children in our program who we would like to send to boarding school with this special education fund! Thanks so much for your help in changing these kids’ lives!IMG_7155


These orphan children live with their elderly grandmother. They own no home and no land to grow crops. They have recently been kicked out of the hut they were staying in. We need to send these children to boarding school so they can have a place to live and get an education.


This young man is very intelligent and hard working. However, he is sick. He is often too weak to make the long walk to school everyday to continue his education.


This family also owns no land and no home. They are kicked from house to house trying to find somewhere to live and something to eat. Sending these kids to boarding school will give them stability and a great education.

IMG_5850 - Copy

These are two of the most intelligent and beautiful girls (on the inside and out) at the entire care point. They are double orphans who live with their father’s second wife. They are getting mistreated at home and have to make a long walk to school every day where there are many dangerous men along the way who wait to harm them. Boarding school will remove them from their bad home and prevent them from walking far distances to school everyday.

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