Jesus is:

Well, another trip to Bukedea and Ogoloi has come and gone.

Back to Work. Life. Bills. School. Soccer practice. Hiring. Firing. Exercise. Etc.  And as the “real world” slowly filters back in, and the CNN headlines, and latest political discussions, and 1st world problems, and local gossip begins to surround and engulf me, I feel the now familiar internal numbness that accompanies re-entry into my American life.

I’m glad to be home, and even more glad to have my family back together. But I miss my other family already. I miss their expectant stares, their dirty little hands, and their smiles. If I am honest, I miss Africa as well. The still, warm days. The irritating yet wonderfully refreshing slow pace of African time, where things start when people come, and things end when the people leave – as if people were more important than deadlines. As I am always reminded; Americans have watches, but Africans have time. Oh, and the incredible warmth of the Ugandan people. Yeah. I miss that too. Their sincerity. Their deep gratitude. Their Simple trust in God. And their love.

But I will see them again.

Our team of 12 was the largest I have taken over to the CarePoints since this journey began more than 3 years ago. It was also without a doubt one of the most enjoyable groups. Just the mention of the team brings a smile to my face, as the memories of the last 2 weeks resurface. There is a strange bond that forms between people who choose to share quarters, meals, but most importantly a mission like this one, together. I could not be more proud of the group of ladies that joined my wife, my son, and I on this trip.

Over the next few weeks I will be working to update everyone on our trip, as well as the progress and future plans for the Carepoints. There is so much to share, and I am struggling to know where to start. There is a lot of good news, and incredible amounts of progress has been made in both locations. But there is also a lot of need, pain, and ongoing suffering in the communities that we have come to love.

We will be releasing profiles for more than 60 new kids that have been added to the program that we will need to find sponsors for. We have 40 children profiled in Bukedea and 25 in Ogoloi.All of their stories are heartbreaking, and all of them will benefit greatly from being included. Some of their stories are beyond belief. We will share many of them with you in the weeks to come.

We will be asking for your support to help us give life back to several people that God put in our path, from a couple incapacitated by a direct lightning strike, to a young mother fighting cancer. And we will be announcing some exciting new initiatives at Bukedea and Ogoloi for long term sustainable development of the CarePoints and the local communities, from chicken farming, to sewing and clothing manufacturing, to Micro-Finance projects that are already in full swing.

I wanted to thank everyone who follows and supports the work that God has called us to do in these two small villages in a forgotten corner of an otherwise insignificant nation of a fallen world. I hope that as we update you all on what we have seen in the last two weeks you will see that your provision and help has made an immense impact in both of these locations, and in the lives of hundreds of children. We are so incredibly grateful for all of you.

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