Child Labor, Jiggers and HIV/AIDS

Day 3 at the CarePoint

Much of today was spent profiling the kids at the CarePoint so that we can bring back new photos of all of the kids that were present. We also took some video of some of the kids that we are excited to share with the kids sponsors.

We have posted the pictures of the Ogoloi kids on the Orphans of Teso Facebook Page.

Feel free to check out the Ogoloi Kids Album. We will work to tag your name on your child’s profile over the next few days and when we return. We will also try and get the new Bukedea profile pictures up as soon as possible, but we are a little restricted by limited internet availability while we are here.

There are a lot of beautiful kids at the CarePoint…

Paul is sponsored by Aaron and Michelle Sage

Patrick is sponsored by Robert Archer

Silvia is sponsored by Joe Schafbuch

Lazaro is sponsored by Alissa Dietz

Christine is Sponsored by Abbey Robertson

…But there are also a lot of incredibly sad and troubling stories behind these beautiful faces. The children in the CarePoint represent the most poverty stricken and vulnerable kids in a local community where even the most well-off are struggling to survive….

Here are a few stories we thought you should hear:

Meet Doreen and John

Johns feet are in bad shape.
We gave him some Crocs to wear
because he cannot wear shoes yet

Doreen is a little girl who is HIV positive who is sponsored by Joe Schafbuch.  Her mom and dad are also HIV positive.  They are all sick most of the time.  She also has 3 siblings who have not been tested who are not a part of the sponsorship program.  She is on HIV medication.

John is a little boy who is sponsored by Teresa Becker.  When they found this little boy he was infested with Jiggers, a small parasite that burrows under the skin. The infestation was so bad in his leg that he was unable to walk.  Julias, one of the staff members on site at the CarePoint dug out many of the jiggers but he still has some in his feet.  He was very malnourished.    His father is mentally disturbed and a drunk, and has chased the mother away, beating her when she tries to come back and take care of the kids. They are so thankful for their food they get everyday at the care point.  His siblings are Immaculate Adongo and Sam Oron who are sponsored by C21 Signature Real Estate.

Meet Eunice and Deborah
Eunice and Deborah are sisters who are struggling to continue their education because their family is unable to provide for their younger siblings. The girls have been skipping school to work the family fields to cultivate crops to feed the family. Their Father is dead and their mother is HIV+ and cancer. They recently had to sell much of their food supply and crops to pay for an operation for the mother, leaving them with insufficient food to make it through the winter season.

Meet Florence and Thomas
These two gorgeous kids captured our hearts last year when we came across them while distributing new shoes to the kids in the program. They were hanging around on site and were not on the list to receive anything. When we asked why we found out that they were unsponosred kids who were not in the program, but had recently lost their parents tragically. Their dad had committed suicide and their mother had left them alone.

You can read their story from last year at the post “Dad Committed Suicide after Mom went Mad and Left

At the home of Lazaro, Isaac, and Esther
These 3 kids live with their Toto (mom) about a mile from the CarePoint. Lazaro is sponsored by Alissa Dietz, Isaac is sponsored by Rebecca Gooding, and Esther is sponsored by Lynn Peronto. Their mother was ecstatic to have us visit their home and came running down the dirt path when she saw us coming in the distance, yelling and screaming as she came to hug us and welcome us into her home.

There is a tale to tell behind every single child at the CarePoint. Most are difficult to grasp from the vantage point of a comfortable westerner. All are the reality that these kids live with daily.

Your support and sponsorship of these kids makes a huge impact in the lives of these kids. Please consider sponsoring a child (or another) at either Bukedea or Ogoloi CarePoint.

Bukedea Sponsorship Page: See kids profiles here
Ogoloi Sponsorship Page: See kids profiles here

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