The Stories behind the Profiles

Geoffrey, Paul & Rebecca
Geoffrey’s mom (we are told) is “mentally disturbed” and has left the village. No one knows where she is. His father is also not around, and the family do not know who he was. Sadly this is common in Uganda. He is an incredible little boy who followed me around from the very first day a couple of year ago and has seldom left my side ever since. Geoffrey lives with his Aunt, who is the mother of Paul and Rebecca. His father was murdered in 2004 by the Karamajong tribe who frequently raided villages like this prior to the end of the war with the LRA. Paul is sponsored by Aaron Sage, and Rebecca is sponsored by Stacey Rathjen. 

Sam, Harriet, William, & Josephine
Sam is sponsored by Jared and Steph Van Cleave in Ames Iowa. 
He is an incredibly talented young soccer player and lives with his Toto in a small cluster of huts (“Orekon” in ATeso). Both of his parents are HIV+ and the kids (13 of them) have not yet been tested. His father was at the clinic today looking for medication because he has been having chest problems. Sam was shy at his home, but we had a blast with him on the soccer field

Miria and Joshua
Miria is sponsored by Matt and Jenny Pitkins and Joshua is sponsored by Teresa Becker. They are brother and sister living with both of their parents. Their father is crippled and works from their home to repair bicycles in the villages. Ther are “peasants” who work the land that they own surrounding their homes.

Patricia, Miria, and Joyce
This family of 7 (6 kids and their Toto – mom) live about 2km from the CarePoint. Their mom is the women’s leader at the Ogoloi Church. Their father was killed in the 2003 LRA (Lords Resistance Army) attack that killed many in the Ogoloi village. The family struggles to survive but have been helped greatly by the provision of the CarePoint that 4 of the kids attend. Patricia is sponsored by Gina McAndrews, Miria by Arica Ohloff, and Joyce by Tyra Swenson. 

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