Thanks for Your Support

We said goodbye to the kids in Bukedea today.

It was sad to leave and there were quite a few red “leaky” eyes from the team. I think it is most difficult because many of the team know that they won’t see the kids for quite some time, and although it seems strange you really do fall in love with many of these kids after 4 days.

Big Thanks
I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the sponsors at Bukedea.
I can honestly say that the change in the kids over the last 9 months is notable and exceptional. I have worked hard over the last couple of years to explain to people just how much difference $34 a month actually makes in a child’s life, and I want to reiterate that one more time. We only have about 60% of the children sponsored so funds are still low at the CarePoint, but what is available is being used to drastically change these kids’ futures and provide them hope.

Here is a brief video I took out at the CarePoint today expressing some of my thoughts and thanks.

I also wanted to introduce you to the staff at the CarePoint. These are some incredibly hard working people who truly love the kids. We are so grateful for their commitment and work for the children.

Photo Albums
We were able to pull a bunch of the kids aside today whose sponsors provided photo albums and walk the kids through some of the pictures of their “extended” families in America. They absolutely love this and the photos mean the world to the kids. . 

We only had albums for about 50 of the 180 kids so it was a little tough knowing that we didn’t have for everyone….so we will just work that much harder to get more from you guys when we come back in January.

School Shoes….
Because of a lot of very generous donations from our friends and from sponsors of kids from around the world, we were able to leave behind school shoes for all of the kids. They were purchased in Kampala and shipped up to Bukedea so that the kids would have them before school starts in a week.

We decided not to hand them out to the kids because we would rather that they come from the CarePoint than from us. So Simon (one of the national directors from HopeChest) stayed behind to hand the shoes out after our departure. We did however tell the kids about the shoes and they were absolutely thrilled.

If you take a look at the pictures you will see that pretty much all the kids are barefoot all the time, and as orphans they are the kids that have to show up at school without uniforms or shoes. The CarePoint is currently providing their uniforms, but they have never had shoes.

Today…they do. 

We were also able to purchase some children’s bibles, some sanitary pads for the older girls and some teaching charts and aids to go up on the wall for lessons at the CarePoint. We are thrilled to have been able to bring these gifts to the kids on all of your behalf.



We arrived at the TCON house tonight and head to Ogoloi tomorrow morning for the first day. I am very eager to get there and see my boys. I have missed them since December.

Check out the latest pictures on the Facebook page.

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