Day 2 in Bukedea CarePoint

It was a fantastic day. 
We arrived early to begin the incredibly arduous task of taking photos of all 170 something kids so that we could get them back to their sponsors, and also to be able to have good looking pictures to post for the 70 kids we still need to find sponsors for. And, after about 4 hours…mission accomplished!

It feels great to know that we can bring home great looking pictures for all of you out there who have a sponsored a child here at the CarePoint. There were about 8 kids that were not there today, but we hope to catch them tomorrow as well as try and capture some video of the unsponsored kids. 

While Jen and I were taking pictures (with the help of some of the CarePoint Ugandan staff), the rest of the team were keeping the kids busy writing letters to their sponsors and coloring pictures. 

After lunch, several members of the team went out to visit some of the kid’s homes. These visits are always tough to cope with as the living conditions are generally appalling and the reality is that there really isn’t one kid whose living situation wouldn’t absolutely break your heart. Such a large portion of the Bukedea population is infected with HIV or living in extreme poverty that it is difficult to comprehend. The CarePoint is filled with so many smiles, so much laughter and an air of such happiness that it is easy to forget that we are surrounded by a starving and dying people. It truly is a refuge for these kids. 

Nate, Jessica, and Jinny all got to visit the homes of their sponsored children and got to share the story with the rest of the team tonight. Rachael, John, Jessica and Megan also went out at different times to visit kids homes in the vicinity of the CarePoint. I am excited for them to share these stories on the blog later on in the week. 

Learning Ateso
I spent much of the afternoon just spending time with my growing “clan” of buddies learning aTeso. I now know how to count, and have a vocabulary to get by on basic daily details – with an occasional cheat check of my crib notes. Ok, mostly I still have to cheat, but by the time we wrap up our time in Ogoloi (after Bukedea) I fully intend to be cheat free.

Business Plans
And, I also got to spend some time with some of the older boys talking about life, business, and what it means to live in Gods Kingdom today.

In particular I was thrilled to spend a bunch of time with Silver, who is a budding electrician at the CarePoint. He spends his spare time working to fix up old broken radios and televisions and is quite a star with the younger kids. We chatted for an hour or so about creating a business plan for a solar panel business that would allow locals to charge their cell phones. This model has been used widely across Africa and is very successful. Believe it or not, the majority of Africans (even the very poor) have cell phones. There are really no land lines across most of Uganda, but the cell companies have found great ways to be profitable despite the poverty. They basically give the phones away…actually, they literally give the phones away…and then sell airtime to people who purchase minutes whenever they can.

I posted a photo album of some of the days events on the Orphans of Teso Facebook page so check that out if you get the chance.

Tomorrow, we will visit more homes and spend some time getting video and more info on the unsponsored kids. If you (or someone you know) might be in a position to help sponsor one of the Bukedea kids for $34 a month, you can check out the profiles of the children at the Bukedea Community page at

Thanks again… are a few good pics from the day.

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