An Eventful Ugandan Day

This is just a brief update to let everyone know that we have arrived safely at our hotel 15 minutes from the Bukedea CarePoint in the small town of Kumi. Our flights in to Uganda through Amsterdam and Rwanda were relatively uneventful, assuming that 36 hours of sleep deprivation with your knees pushed up against your chest from the seat back in front of you is not considered to be an “event”.

We were able to connect first with the 4 members of our team who flew in from Minnesota and Colorado in the Amsterdam airport, and then with Megan in Jinja where she is living for the summer. You can “meet the team” we are traveling with here
Our drive from Entebbe across to Jinja (where we had lunch and met up with Megan) and then north 5 hours to Bukedea was also pretty uneventful. This, again is assuming that several dozen near death encounters with everything from tipping semi trucks, kamakazi motorcycle taxi drivers (locally known as bhoda-bhoda’s – as in: they go from one bhoda to the other) and of course the “state-of-Rhode-Island-sized” pot holes, are not classified as actual “events”. 
Here’s our little day long journey from the airport to the Bukedea Carepoint
Tomorrow morning we head to Bukedea CarePoint to spend the first of several grueling days entertaining around 200 kids. We are working hard to try and bring back video footage and brief interviews of as many of the kids as possible, both for the sponsors to see and get to know their kids better, and also to try and find sponsors for the 70-something kids that still don’t have one. 
We also get the incredible honor of witnessing the first ever pumping of the Bukedea well tomorrow. How cool and what a surprise. If you don’t know, we raised funds for the well last December as part of the “Noel -No Well” campaign which was a huge success. The well was complete a few weeks back but they have been waiting for the water to settle and clean out. So, we get to celebrate with the kids and community tomorrow at the grand well opening (a first for me). Check back soon for pics and video. 
The days are long, but we will work hard to provide pictures and video each evening of some of the days highlights. 
As always, we are incredibly grateful for all of your support as sponsors of these kids. We hear over and over again how thankful the community is for what is being accomplished in these kids lives through this program, and it is so important that you all know that. 
To learn more about sponsoring a child, check out the Bukedea and Ogoloi Community Pages at the top of the Sponsor a Child Page. You can view profiles and info on the Carepoints there.  
Otherwise….I’ll be in touch about tomorrow….
I’m sure it will be nothing short of EVENTFUL!

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