Back to Bukedea and Ogoloi

Meet the Team

We have our tickets booked and our team put together now we can’t wait to get on the plane and get back to Uganda!  We have a team of 9 going with us in August. God has put together a pretty cool group from all around the country. We are super excited about each person and so excited to see what God has in store for each of us on the trip!

Cant wait to see my 4 special boys (Paul, Nathan, Geoffrey and Paul) and their 400 little brothers and sisters at the carepoints in 6 weeks.

Here is our team:

Nate Agrimson
Nate is an ex college room mate of Dylan’s. His family lives in Colorado Springs and sponsors kids in both Bukedea and Ogoloi. Nate has not been to the African continent before. 

Jess Hanson
Jess joined us in Bukedea and Ogoloi last December. Jess is a nurse and is physiologically made up of about 88% heart. She is a great encouragement to have along, not to mention a huge hit with the kids on the ground. 

John and Rachel Antione
John and Rachel have been sponsoring kids at Bukedea since the beginning of the CarePoint about 3 years ago. They have worked hard to find sponsors for these kids, and from conversations we have had it is obvious that they have a huge heart for the kids there.  They are from Minnesota and we will meet them for the first time in Amsterdam. This will be their first trip to Uganda. 

Jinny Foldoe

Jinny is Rachael’s mom, and is our resident traveling “grandmother”. 
We are thrilled to have her on board. She also has sponsored a child in Bukedea for a couple years.

Megan Davies

Megan is from Hawaii but is spending the summer as a nanny in Uganda.  We will be meeting her for the first time when we get to Uganda and pick her up! She sponsors one of the Ogoloi girls.

Jessica Duran

Jessica is a friend who we have not met from Jen’s home town who was a journalist who wrote about our last trip in the local paper.  In our interview for the article we mentioned she was invited to join us on a trip anytime she wanted and and jumped right in!!  She also sponsors a girl in Bukedea.

Jennifer de Bruin
Jen is returning for her second trip to Uganda, but has been to African numerous times in the past. She is incredibly excited to get back and see some of the kiddos that won her heart last December. Jen will be spending much of this trip helping Dylan with documentation of the yet unsponsored kids and getting good video and images of the sponsored kids for our friends back home.

Dylan de Bruin
I’m incredibly excited to get back and see our kids. Its interesting to me just how much affection you can build up for kids that aren’t yours. Its also great to have a new team of people joining us this time, and I am excited to introduce everyone to these kids, who will love them all so much for coming.

Trip details

We leave August 18 and come back August 31. We will spend the first night in Entebbe, just outside the capital city of Kampala, and drive several hours along some pretty treacherous roads up to Jinja and then up to Bukedea, where we will spend the first few days.

We are looking forward to celebrating the newly dug and capped well and seeing how it has already benefited the CarePoint and the community.  Once again- a big shout out and thanks to everyone who helped make this well happen for them!  Then off to Ogoloi for the remainder of the trip. We never really know what our trip will look like but here are a few items on the agenda

  • See the new Bukedea well and begin planning for the well digging project we have planned for January. We will be flying in our own well digging equipment at that time to train members of the community to use the equipment. 
  • Plan for the development projects we will be starting soon in Ogoloi
  • Document (video and pics) the remaining 90 kids who have not found a sponsor yet.  Here is a link to see who still needs to be sponsored if you are willing to sponsor one.  Sponsor a child  
  • Get videos of sponsored kids for their sponsors (we will work hard to get as many as we can …this is a LARGE task!)
  • Medical clinic – Jess will work with our local docs and Social workers to provide a basic medical clinic again for the kids while we are on site. 
  • Play lots of soccer, duck duck goose, etc
  • Sing and dance a lot!  We have a few musicians on the trip and all Ugandans LOVE to sing and dance. It is an incredible honor for the kids to have visitors (keep in mind that we are in the middle of nowhere, and many of these kids have never seen a “MZungu” or white man”. So there is a lot to sing about….food, school, wells, and visitors 🙂
  • Visit sponsored kids’ homes to see their living conditions, meet their families and see what the needs of the community are. Last time we did home visits we found an elderly grandma taking care of her grandson who worked hard everyday to make a whole $1.25 a week to care for the both of them.  You can read the story here Tata and Levi’s story.  We were able to change their life drastically with only $70.
  • Have a community meal in both villages
  • Whatever else God wants us to do!! Last time we were able to provide help for some pretty dire circumstances, including providing a new home for one of the widows, and getting urgent medical care for one of the boys in Bukedea. We will take it one day at a time and be ready to respond.

How you can help

We would love to bring a small photo album for the sponsored kids from their sponsor.  The kids LOVED this last time.  If you are a sponsor please put together a few pics and mail them to us by the first week of August.

We are still waiting on the Ugandan staff to see what the needs of the kids are to see if there are things they would like us to buy for them or bring with us. Once we do we will let you know and let you be apart of helping us with that!

We do know we need money for the two meals and also extra money for large medical expenses we may find and other needs in the community.  If you are willing to donate any money for these things we will use it to help these communities in some way.


For anyone interested in joining us on a trip to visit these kids, we have a group of around 10 already lined up for a trip in January 2013. I know that sounds like forever away, but its really not. If you would like to travel with us to Uganda, please get in touch with myself (Dylan) at 515 291-1006 or Jen 515 291-1897 or email us at or 

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