Bukedea Update Q1 2011

Below is a summary of an Update provided by the staff at Childrens Hope Chest on the Bukedea CarePoint in East Uganda. 

The first quarter of this year went through well with children enjoying variety of activities at the CarePoint. The children have been having meals at the CarePoint at lunchtime and learning more Bible stories such as Isaac, Abraham, and David during the discipleship classes. They have also been engaged in recreation activities like group games, ball games, and rope skipping. A few children were sick, but they are now well and back to school, thanks be to God for his healing hand.
Guardians and parents meeting
The meeting was held at the CarePoint. The parents and guardians turned up in big numbers. This showed the positive attitude of the guardians towards the CarePoint.
The parents and guardians appreciated HopeChest and the sponsors for the contribution that they have made in the lives of their children. They expressed gratitude for the food, scholastic material and various items given the children including shoes, mosquito nets, soap, and Vaseline among others. They confessed that these are the items they would have not managed to provide for their children yet they are very important in the child’s live.
Some of them thanked God for answering their prayers and sending people to stand with them in taking care of the children. They really appreciated the discipleship class that the children attend on Saturdays because they have seen changes in their children who are more respectful and obedient and also share the gospel with them when they go back home.
  • The guardians and parents promised to play their roles in the lives of the children by ensuring that they do what is in their capacity to make the lives of the children better, only looking to the organization for support. They promised to ensure that their children observe personal hygiene, discipline, and attend activities at the CarePoint.

Parents and guardians committee

The parents and guardians also elected a committee of members to represent them in the villages that they come from to ensure that information flow with CarePoint is effective and on time. They also agreed that the members elected will act as child protection representatives in the community who will ensure that they monitor the well-being/safety of children and ensure that their rights are not violated. They will also follow up on issues concerning abuse of children with the right authorities. 
The guardians with the help of the social worker came up with projects that they believe would help to improve on household income. Some of the projects suggested were piggery, poultry keeping, baking, and goat keeping.

This is a picture of Levi’s grandmother in front of their
new hut. The old one was falling down and we were
able to build her a new home for around $150. 

Home Visits

Some of the children were visited at home like Samuel Malinga (UG2606271) who was sick with malaria but was recovering. His mother who is living with HIV/AIDS was also sick but is much better now. The staff encouraged and prayed with her during this difficult time for her family.
Another child whose home was visited was Levi Igune. His grandmother was so grateful to the sponsors for enabling her to have a new house with a new roof.

You can read about Levi and our emotional meeting with his grandmother in December 2011 
We were thrilled to be able to provide them with a new home for so little)

Feeding Program

The children are enjoying the meals and are happy for the food. This is because some of them are only able to have this one meal for the whole day. The food has also enabled the children to be healthy throughout the month, as they can be seen on the picture below.

Alex, who has a bladder control problem and has been
largely ostracized by local kids and his dad is still
undergoing treatment


The children have generally been healthy throughout the month except for Samuel Malinga UG2606271 who was suffering from malaria but has since then been healed after receiving treatment.

Alex Okanya UG2606314 who suffers from a urinary complication is still  undergoing treatment with support from the sponsor and HopeChest and expected to undergo operation in Mulago Hospital (Kampala). We continue to pray that God will use the hands of the doctors to heal him totally.

Icakuna Norah UG2606266 has developed a swelling in the chest and having difficulty in breathing. She was been taken to Kumi Government Hospital for medical examination and treatment. Norah’s health is now stable.

The children are all at school and for those not in boarding school they are able to have meals at the CarePoint, then go for the afternoon classes.


The children actively participated in the discipleship classes and learned about being obedient and doing what God expects of them.

Recreation activities
The children were engaged in various sports activities especially on the weekends after discipleship classes. The children played games like football, athletics, rope skipping among other games.

Next month objectives
De-worm the children
To monitor the project activities (discipleship, feeding, health, education)
Form children’s clubs.
Form children’s leadership teams
Carry out home visits

We thank the Lord for enabling us to go through the quarter. The children and staff have seen the continuous love of God as He has continuously healed the children and spoken to them through his word during discipleship. The meals were nutritious and provided every day. To God be the Glory.

A more thorough version of this update will be made available through the Childrens Hope Chest Newsletter but I thought that some of you might appreciate seeing this sooner rather than later. Its good to know that the kids are being loved and attended to daily, and we are excited to be back on the ground in Uganda in August. 
Thanks to everyone of the sponsors who provide the opportunity for these kids to have this hope, and for your commitment and support. – Dylan

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