A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

Ok, so there is a lot to update everyone on.

I’ve been on somewhat of a Blog Sabbatical. It’s been nearly 2 months since my last post. That’s us on the left, hiding…behind the tree. That’s where we’ve been.

Mostly we have been busy, but it also has been good to spend more time reading than writing. God has been teaching us a lot…through what we have been reading as well as what we have been living.

So anyway, We’re back. With lots to share and “ramble” about over the next few weeks.

I’m also excited to have my wife Jen jump into the mix. I’ve asked her to jump into the conversation from time to time to just update everyone on progress on the Ogoloi and Bukedea CarePoints as well as how the kiddo’s and sponsorships are progressing. So if you read a blog that sounds less confrontational and more…I don’t know….nice?  – it wasn’t me!

So this post is a mile wide and an inch deep, just to break the seal and get back in the swing of things. And then I hope to jump back in every few days with some of what God has been doing in our lives.

So here are a few updates:

First off, we are making slow (but still steady) progress on sponsorships for the Kids at Bukedea. We have found sponsors for 7 kids in the last 2 weeks, but have around 120 left still unsponsored. All of the Ogoloi Kids are still sponsored which is great.

Here are a couple of the Bukedea kids that still need sponsors. -I always have to put in a plug 🙂

Lillian Josephine Adongo

Born: Dec 12 2002
This little Lillian has a twin Lillian Apio.  She is the younger of the two twins. They live with their mom and their father’s second wife. Their father died 2010 of HIV.

Michael Malinga
Born: April 27 2002

Michael is a single orphan.  He lives right next to the CarePoint with his mother and 5 brothers and sisters.  His father died of HIV and his mother also has HIV.  His mother is a peasant

Please check out the “Sponsor a Child tab 
at the top of the blog for more info on the sponsorship program 
and to check out pictures of a few of the kids still needing a sponsoring family.

Foster Care
Next….Foster care.
That’s right…straight out of nowhere, we decided that we would like to open our home as foster parents.

Actually, it was quite the opposite!

The reality is that I really selfishly have little desire to open my home to kids in these situations.  But God has continued to press into us that we really have no choice but to. There are literally thousands of children (locally) lacking love, affection, (and blow me away) even food in some cases, and they have no place to stay while the court system works to find them a “forever home”

Well, we have a home. With extra bedrooms.
And we have a loving environment. 
And we have the means to handle another kid. Or two?

In fact, we have everything we need to take on the burden/opportunity of taking a child in a terrible situation into our home and showing them agape love for a season….

We have everything – except an excuse not to.
So we jumped in.

You might recall the video below. I’ve posted it many times before. It had a great impact on my perspective and my desire to DO SOMETHING about the little boys and girls around the world who are alone, scared, and in need of love. Well, I guess the fact of the matter is that this is true for kids in Uganda and the US alike. Check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet. Its powerful.

We are half way through our 10 week mandatory licensing class, have had the first of our 3 home visits, and will hope to be able to welcome someone into our home soon after we return from Uganda in August. Lots to share on this topic (foster care)….so stay tuned.

Fund Raising

Click here for Prospectus

Bukedea and Ogoloi

Our next update is about the next phase of our efforts in Ogoloi and Bukedea CarePoints. As we move forward in our long term partnership with these two fledgling oases of hope (that’s plural of oasis – I looked it up) for the orphaned kids in the region we are charged with working to gather funds to be able to build some of the infrastructure we need to continue to feed and educate the 400 kids currently being served at these locations.

We have worked with Childrens Hope Chest to structure the fund raising campaign needed to begin moving forward with the development plan for the two locations…particularly Ogoloi, as much of the Bukedea infrastructure is complete.

I have attached a copy of the Fund Raising portfolio we are completing for you all to take a sneak peak at. As you read, you will see that there are some significant needs, some of which have been accounted for, and others that we will need help with.

Despite the overwhelming scope of this challenge, we are excited to move ahead with this effort confident that Jehovah Jireh (the Lord Provides) …will!

Water 4 Foundation

Click for Water4 Prospectus

A second endeavor that we are excited to begin updating everyone on is our plans to ship well drilling equipment over to Uganda this year in order to train some of the nationals on the ground to drill bore holes and cap wells in the region.

Again, I have included a link to the prospectus detailing our intentions and you can learn a little about the drilling method and Water4 Organization (who we will be partnering with) in the video below….

This is an entirely revolutionary drilling and pump method that Water4 Foundation has pioneered and is making a huge impact to our ability to make water available to communities in areas like Bukedea at low cost, while employing the nationals in the process. 

August Trip

Around August 18th we will be arriving in Uganda again with a team of around 10 to spend 4 days at each of the CarePoints. We are excited to be bringing with us several people who have never been before, as well as for the work to be done while we are there.

I am seriously already excited to see all the kids, but especially my “special boys”, two of which we sponsor and 2 of which some of our friends sponsor. To see why they are so special check out the blog post from December titled “Dad committed Suicide After Mom Went Mad and Left”

We will be working to document another large group of kids who will be needing sponsors by the end of the year, as well as work to spend more time documenting some of the success stories of children whose lives have been positively changed by the sponsorship program.

It’s difficult for people here to understand how much of an impact $34 a month can really make, so it is important that we tell the story. I’m working to find someone to join us with the ability to film and edit so that we can compile some more professional brief films of what is going on in the region through these sponsorships and the work being done each day at Ogoloi and Bukedea.

I will be Blogging with info on the trips soon, but for now, know that we are able to take a few more with us on this August trip so if you have interest please let Jen or I know. This is why we do this, and we are thrilled to be able to have you meet the kids you sponsor in person. Oh, and we are working on another group for early January too (in case that works better)

Radio Interview 
I thought I would also include a recent radio interview that Joe and I did about the CarePoints. There are two weeks of program and I have attached links to the first weeks audio that covers the CarePoints and some of our work in Uganda.

Next week I will be able to post part 2 which was a little more oriented around how the local church in the US can (and should) get involved in ministry outside of its walls. Lots more to come on that 🙂

Click here for the Interview

That’s all for now. 

I’m excited to zoom in on some of these (and other topics) over the next several weeks. I appreciate all the support so many of you have shown Jen and I as we have stepped out in faith to continue down this journey. I can tell you that the last few years of our lives have been by far the most fulfilled.

There is nothing like giving yourself to something so much bigger than yourself…especially when that “something” is really a “Someone”. We are thrilled to be serving our King, and loving His children in the process.

One Comment on “A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

  1. So encouraged to hear you guys are getting your foster care license! It is definitely one of the hardest and yet best things we have ever done. Blessings!!


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