Bukedea Well

Great News!

I just got word this week that the contractors are lined up to dig the well in Bukedea starting March 20th. That’s terrific.

The process is lengthy and may take up to 3 weeks to complete (TIA – This is Africa) but it is fantastic to know that we will be able to provide clean drinking water to the kids at the CarePoint as well as the local community within a month – and, all this, as a result of the faithful help and contribution of our friends and family around the world.

Our “Noel NoWell” campaign for Christmas this year was a great success (raising far more than the $5,000 we had hoped for) and we are thrilled to see the money put to use at the Carepoint.

So – a Huge Thanks to all of you who contributed.

from us….
….from the kids at the CarePoint
And from Jesus -our King….

who told us that whenever we provide for “the least of these” among us, that we are doing so for Him.

A New Chapter
On another note, we have some exciting news that I am eager to expound upon later this week. But for now here are the headlines and I’ll fill in the details later.

First, we have our trip outlined for August and already have a healthy sized group of people joining us.

We will be leaving around the 18th of August for a two week trip to visit both Bukedea and Ogoloi. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see all the kids, but especially my 4 boys in the picture below. These guys captured my heart, and I really do miss them.

I am eager to learn the status of Paul Ocim’s potential HIV infection (his entire family was infected when we visited in December and he seemed to be suffering from some weird skin disorder), and to hopefully find Geoffrey still living with Paul (the other Paul in the green)…both Geoffrey’s parents are gone and we connected pretty deeply  (read the Blog post from Uganda here –“Dad Committed Suicide After Mom went Mad and Left” )

I will blog about the details of the trip later, but for now want everyone to know that we welcome (no, encourage) any and all of you to consider joining us. We go so that you can come with and meet these kids first hand. So let us know if you would like more details.

And Secondly, the last month has led us on an incredible journey that we are extremely excited to make more progress on, and fill everyone in on.

As we have researched the problem of the immense lack of clean drinking water in Uganda, and as we have worked to raise money for wells for Ogoloi and Bukedea, our journey led us to research recent advances in alternative and more affordable well drilling techniques.

And recently, we have found a terrific partnership in an organization that provides affordable and locally sustainable well pumps and drilling methods that we will be investing in to bring to our friends in Bukedea and Ogoloi on our trip in August.

Our plan will be to drill at least one additional well on this trip using this new equipment and pump mechanism (likely at the site of the new Ogoloi CarePoint) and then work to train up our local brothers and sisters to use the equipment to continue drilling in the area for other villages.

This is truly an incredibly exciting development and I can’t wait to fill everyone in on the process and the training that we have gone through to be equipped to drill these bore holes in Uganda. For now, I’ll leave you with a brief taste of why this all excites me so much. You’ve gotta see this.

There truly is nothing quite like an African celebration.

And there truly is nothing like giving of yourself for others. 
It’s a great pairing, and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life doing both.

Here is a brief teaser of the organization, Water 4 Foundation, that we spent the weekend with at the end of last month being trained on their well drillng method.

More to come this week….but I just had to get this off my chest!
THANKS for all your support for our work for these kids. 
If you would like more info on sponsoring one of the kids at Ogoloi or Bukedea, please visit 
Or contact 
Dylan 515 291-1006
Jen 515 291-1897

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