Paul Ocim – HIV ?

Meet Paul….
Paul is one of the kids we sponsor in Ogoloi through Childrens Hope Chest in the village of Ogoloi in eastern Uganda. Paul is actually sponsored by our 5 year old – Caeden.   
Caeden sold lemonade this summer on the side of the road to raise money to sponsor a little boy, and actually made almost enough money in a few days to cover Pauls sponsorship for an entire year. Please check out the post from a few months ago – Proud (But increasingly Poor) Dad
Paul is a double orphan (both parents deceased) and lives very near to the CarePoint. He was incredibly shy and reserved until we showed him a photo album of our family and discussed with him (through an interpreter) how our 5 year old and 3 year old boys loved him and are excited to meet him. By the end of the 4 days in Ogoloi Paul was touring me around the village with his buddies. (See the post Dad Committed Suicide and Mom Went Mad and Left) to see some video of me walking through the African bush literally in the middle of nowhere with Paul and his freinds.

We visited several of their homes and hung out in their huts.

We are working to ensure that Paul (and his freinds) get tested for HIV. Many of the kids in the village have yet to be tested despite the fact that their parents are HIV Positive. Children living with HIV can live relatively normal and healthy lives today so long as they have access to ARV’s (Antiretroviral Drugs) which keep the effects of the viral at bay.

We will be incredibly excited to return to Ogoloi in a few months and spend more time with Paul, and all of his friends.

Although we sponsor several of the children in the village ourselves, we really fee like they are all our extended family. But Paul holds a special place, both because of his beautiful spirit, and his obvious fragile situation.

To learn more about how you can sponsor a child in Ogoloi or Bukedea…or to learn about how you can join us to visit the kids next Spring (likely April or May) please contact either Jen or myself or visit

Dylan de Bruin                             
515 291-1006

Jennifer de Bruin
515 291-1897

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