AIDS, Abuse, and Smiles

Day 2- Ogoloi

I’m writing this at 5am because no one can sleep over the roar of the music that has been playing outside from a party across the street. There is an African saying…”Americans have watches, Africans have time”. I am considering purchasing watches for them so that they have both…and know that parties should end before the sun comes up. But they certainly know how to have a good time.

Day 2 at the Ogoloi CarePoint was great.
Much of the day was spent working on brief video interviews of the kids that we hope to get back to their sponsors. We also visited several of the homes of the children. It was fun, but there were also some difficult moments as we learned more about the kids actual living arrangements and lives.

Take Juma ( pictures on the far left)…sponsored by Rebecca Gooding.

Juma left his home because after his father died, his mother remarried and he was chased away from the home by his new brothers. He lived with his grandmother, but his uncle beat him there frequently. So he left, and the pastor and caretaker of the Ogoloi CarePoint has given him a place to live. We have some great video footage of Juma, who makes toy cars and buses out of wire to sell. He is very talented.

And Peter, sponsored by Maria Lovin, who is a little boy born with HIV.

His parents are both infected as well, and continue to have children despite the fact that they are most often bed ridden. His parents will likely not live much longer, despite the drugs being provided. This little boy sleeps on a small mat under a mosquito net with two of his brothers and sisters. His one request from us was that he could have a mattress to sleep on. (He will be getting one tomorrow, along with his own mosquito net)

We are continually blown away by how little it takes to make massive improvements in these children’s lives. It is very encouraging to hear from the children as well as their parents/guardians just how much of an impact the daily meals, discipleship and care that the CarePoint provides actually makes in their lives. There are a lot of smiles, and a lot of gratitude in this place.

Here is a brief clip of the Children Sponsored by my team at CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate.

Today, we celebrate.
We have church in the morning, and a feast in the afternoon. We have invited everyone from the local community to join us for a celebration meal…and are expecting around 400 to 500. It will be chaos, but a great way for our CarePoint leaders to gain goodwill with the local community who are already looking on at the CarePoint, no doubt curious and intrigued.

We also have a local doctor coming to support Jess (our nurse team member) in a small clinic to take care of some of the needs of the kids. It will be a busy day.

Here is a small selection of photos from Yesterday.

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