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Fundraising ThermometerSo, after our second week of fund raising for the Bukedea Well, we are pleased to announce that we have raised $1,430 so far. We are getting closer, and we know of a bunch of you out there planning to donate.
Great Stuff!
If you have been planning to donate… 
but have not gotten around to it

For anyone why needs to get caught up, we are working to raise $5,000 in order to dig a well next Spring at the Bukedea CarePoint in Northern Uganda. Instead of buying friends and family gifts this year we will be donating gifts of $25 in their name towards the well. We are also asking that our family give to the well project instead of giving us gifts this year. Our kids are 100% on board, and Caeden will proudly tell you that it just makes sense to give birthday presents to Jesus at Christmas, because it is His Birthday. We are also blessed with a group of friends who are also working to find other link minded people, desiring to re-think Christmas.

And how is donating to a well in Uganda “giving a gift to Jesus on His birthday”?

Well, in Matthew 25 vs 40 Jesus told his followers that whenever we feed, clothe, and care for “the least of these” (His children, the broken, and the oppressed)…that we are doing so for Him.

You can learn more about this fund raising project at the Orphans of Teso Blog and web page at 

Our desire to celebrate Christmas differently again this year was spurred on by a group of churches who decided to do away with the commercialism of Christmas back in 2006. And instead of buying the usual thoughtless gifts for each other, decided instead to give of themselves for Christmas…

Today, thousands of churches around the nation are changing how thy celebrate Jesus’ birth, and reclaiming some of the $450 Billion spent each year on Christmas for those who actually need it.

Here is the Advent Conspiracy Story. 

You can learn more at 
Please consider making a small donation of just $25 this Christmas towards the Bukedea Well. You can learn more about the Bukedea CarePoint which currently feeds and cares for over 250 Orphans and at risk children in war torn Uganda at

To Give, visit
…and follow the instruction at the bottom of the page. 
Your gift is fully tax deductible through Children’s Hope Chest -a registered 501(c)(3)
And if you are anything at all like me, I would encourage you to please consider making your donations sooner rather than later so that you don’t forget 🙂 We are deeply grateful for your support in our efforts to love Gods Orphans in Uganda and around the world. Thanks!
Contact Dylan with questions 515 291-1006 

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